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Most people who blog know of the controversy surrounding the question about what blogging platform is better, and if a self-hosted blog is better than using Blogger by Google. I stumbled on a blogging forum post today that should get some of you thinking about where your blog is hosted and why it is so important to take control of your blog.

Taken directly from a thread on the Digital Point forum here is the desperate plea from a Blogger blogger:

Hello friends,
When I checked my blogspot blog today, its showing the message “Error – Page is Not Found”.
When I checked in the Dashboard, there is nothing in it.I have lost a total of 5 blogs and one of them is a popular one too.
I have around 1000 Page impressions per day from it and I have updated it by the last post 2 or 3 weeks back.And I have PR3 too.

I didn’t get any messages from the Blogger team related with this issue.
Why its happened?
What I have to do now?

Will I get back my blog?

The whole thread can be found here: My blog disappeared suddenly – Please help

As of the time of this post the blogs are still gone and the poor blogger has no idea how to get them back up or even salvage any of the lost content. I wish I could help and others have tried and all that he can really do is try to contact Google. Maybe Google didn’t like his content, maybe it’s a Google server issue, but regardless he has to try to get service from a company he pays nothing to. So what kind of service can be expected for something you don’t pay for? You can probably tell that I am a big fan of self-hosted WordPress blogs, but no matter what platform you chose you are best to have control over it and hosted on your own domain.

In this post I make the argument for WordPress over Blogger: WordPress Or Blogger Is WordPress Better but again no matter what platform you prefer you better take over control of your blog!

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