Comparing 000WebHost with WordPress’ leading Web Hosts

comparing 000webhost

000WebHost Introduction

000Webhost is one of the most extensively used free web hosting companies. Free of ads from the host, creating a site for business, club or an individual is made easier with 000WebHost.

000Webhost has been offering paid hosting business for around four years and free hosting for the last two years. They have a consistently decent uptime. But the site goes down an hour per day due to the excessive load on servers.

It is fair to be skeptical of using web hosting services that do not charge anything and there are also no hidden charges or taxes. However, there are a few issues with the site but the benefits trump the flaws.

Let’s compare it with some of the best WordPress web hosts to know-how:

Features Comparisons


  • 5 GB space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Multiple add-on domains
  • SQL Databases
  • Simple site builder
  • Light version hosting control panel (doesn’t contain all the necessary features)


  • Free domain
  • Unlimited number of sub-domains
  • SSL Certificate
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Monitoring Resources
  • Control panel with easy-to-navigation tools


  • Unlimited Disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • My SQL Databases
  • Multiple domains


  • Unlimited Disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple domains
  • Unlimited email accounts

Our Thoughts

Overall, the features offered by 000WebHost lack a good control panel which is provided by other web hosting sites within $5 to $10. Where other hosting sites provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, 000WebHost is restricted to limited.

As far as features are concerned, there are better options available in the market other than 000WebHost.



000Web host offers an uptime of 99% with full backups. It also allows you to run cron jobs which is another plus. Considering their services are free, it is safe to say that they are reliable.


BlueHost operates a first-class data center, complete with powerful Quad Opteron servers, UPS backup and monitoring 24/7 to ensure your website remains online. Mirrored storage backups safeguard your data in the event of equipment failure. All these features combine to give top class reliability.


Some recent outages from the HostGator servers spoil what was otherwise an exceptional record of reliability. Normally, uptime is good as online customer reviews will show.


Dream Host promises its users a 99.9% uptime and stands by it as well. If the users experience the uptime falling short to 99.9%, they get a free day of service for each our outrage which is, however, light in terms of penalization.

Our Thoughts

The uptime offered by 000WebHost is competitive as far as other hosting companies are concerned. While other hosting sites, being the paid ones, offer a good uptime guarantee, 000Web host services are equally good without charging users a penny.



000Webhost provides automated weekly backups. This is a problem since many other hosting sites provide nightly backups.

There have been security issues in the past. In 2015, over 13 million passwords were stolen from 000webhost. Security experts concluded that the passwords had been stored as plain text, which is a substandard security practice.


The company has an extensive custom firewall rule protecting the servers from a variety of forms of attacks, In case of heavy flooding; its data center enables a network level flood protection. The data centers are all highly secure facilities with restricted access.


Security is an area where Blue host triumphs. The users get three layers of anti-spam protection in the form of Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin. They get protection for the inbox as well; it is easy to set up filters. All the directories are password-protected.


Dream Host offers 50 GB of automatic backups. It also includes improved security through passwords on directories and other forms of boosted website security.

Our Thoughts

Due to a security crisis back in 2015, users get skeptical of the security measures 000Webhost actually takes.

For security, 000WebHost lags far behind other web hosts that provide protected data centers, anti-spam protection and a lot more.



The company has an online ticketing system on which they usually reply within 24 hours. The customer support is not readily available and sometimes they don’t have answers to queries.


Their technical support line is toll-free and claims to be available 24/7 – with an average waiting time of only 2 minutes. But this is not the case. During the peak hours, it takes about 47 minutes for an operator to get back to you. Blue host is one of the least impressive hosting companies when it comes to customer service and technical support.


As far as customer care is concerned, Host Gator is perfect. It offers toll-free phone support along with email assistance. Host Gator wants to provide perfect customer service, therefore, it offers every type of support: constant phone support, live chat, and a ticketed system, plus a user forum, 600+ video tutorials, and a snail-mail address.


When it comes to supporting, DreamHost disappoints. Although their tutorials, wiki and user forum are very helpful their toll-free helpline and live chat is least responsive. They claim to get back through email in 24 hours which is a long wait as for instant technical assistance.

Our Thoughts

Where the paid servers are providing a toll-free helpline, live chat, and email services for customer support, 000WebHost provides only an online ticketing system. Although other means could have facilitated more for a free web hosting company, nothing brilliant can be expected of it.


People may argue that the improved features and enhanced security is offered by the other web hosts that are paid then why go for a free web host with a few glitches. But here is the catch; 000Webhost is offering you all the basic facilities that are required to create a less important website for free. The other hosting companies charge the users for the same features.



  • Free
  • 100 gigs of Bandwidth
  • 9% Uptime guarantee


  • Security issues
  • Custom control panel


For a free web hosting company, 000Webhost offers all the features users want in a hosting account, including ample disk space and bandwidth. Uptime guarantee, a support staff that answers, and even a great affiliate program, 000WebHost is worth a try.

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