000WebHost Review – Why Has it Become a Household Name?

The Best Free Web Hosting Service

Powered by Hostinger (a well-known WordPress hosting service provider), 000WebHost is a completely free web hosting service that is available for PHP and MySQL. You heard that right! 000WebHost is the leader in free web hosting and provides quality services in exchange for absolutely no money. There is no doubt about its popularity status because with 11 years of experience comes a great amount of understanding of what website administrators want.

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The part that makes 000WebHosting stand out from all of the other free web hosting services is that 000WebHosting does not bombard your website with advertisements. This is a huge plus because it means that there will be no excessive advertisements to make the experience of your website visitors irritating in any way. Instead, you can simply control the advertisements on your website and ensure that your website visitors are not bombarded with a number of different advertisements.

The Best Free Web Hosting Service

Why Should You Choose 000WebHost?

000WebHost is the top free web hosting service that is available to date and if this is not enough of a reason, we can give you more. This web hosting service provides absolutely no advertisements (enhancing visitor experience as a result). 000WebHosting has a 99% uptime guarantee (which is unbelievable, considering the fact that it is completely free). This guarantee is much more than anything you can get from other web hosting services and this is why 000webhost is a stand out competitor amongst all website hosting services.

Support for PHP (and any additional features) and MySQL means that it caters to all your web hosting needs. 000WebHosting also provides an infinite amount of disk space and bandwidth (again, this is another feature that is nearly impossible to find with other web hosting services). Also, you get complete access to both PHP and MySQL.

Aside from these brilliant reasons, 000WebHost leaves nothing to chance by ensuring that the services being provided are completely optimized with regards to speed and quality. The services being provided by 000WebHost are actually ahead above those being provided by paid services because there are a number of features that you can get with 000WebHost that you can’t even get with a paid service.


000WebHost Free Web Hosting

Both the free version of 000WebHost and the packaged deal provide a number of features that will have anyone believing that this service is too good to be true. Their free features include the following:

  • 10 GB bandwidth,
  • Around 1000 MB of disk space,
  • Free domain name hosting,
  • Web hosting for Cpanel,
  • 2 websites can be hosted for free,
  • An easy website builder,
  • No ads will be run by the service (your own ads are allowed),
  • WordPress support.

Aside from the free features, there are some other details that you may be interested to know about. These include the following:

  • Free website builder,
  • A WordPress Autoinstaller,
  • Complete support for PHP,
  • MySQL databases,
  • FTP support,
  • 99% uptime guarantee.

All of the features listed above show how reliable 000WebHost is in its provision of web hosting services. This is not the complete list of features and you can view the complete list on the 000webhost website. The features alone are enough to justify the fact that this web hosting service is at the top of its game and it one of the most popular services out there because they are more than you can ever imagine when it comes to a free service.


Aside from the free package (whose features have been mentioned above), there are 2 other paid packages that can be availed, which include the following:

  • The Premium (Silver) Hosting Package – this package costs only $3.49 per month and includes a plethora of features (like an unlimited number of websites, bandwidth, disk space, MySQL databases, free domain name, 3 times WordPress optimization speed and more).
  • The Business (Gold) Hosting Package – this package costs $7.95 per month and also has a variety of features that are completely worth the price tag (including daily backups, 2 times processing power and memory, a free SSL certificate and more).

Although these packages come at a cost, the cost is completely worth it because they provide various web hosting features for complete performance optimization. You can pick and choose a package according to your preference and you can even test-run the service by using the free version before buying one of the packages.

Earn With 000WebHost

000WebHost also gives you the chance to earn by promoting free services through the web host’s affiliate program. This program consists of three simple steps for you to get started, which include the following:

  1. Sign yourself up for a referral link which you will promote on any forum (whether that is your website or social media page). For each registered and active client that visits 000webhost using the referral link, you will collect points that can be monetized.
  2. Add 000webhost’s banners to your website to make promotion easier. The banners will attract the attention of your website visitors.
  3. Get rewards or your earnings for promoting 000webhost. Rewards include free domain registration or even upgrades to premium or business hosting.

So, in three simple steps, you can even earn by promoting this web hosting service for free on your website. Remember that the more clients you attract, the more you will be able to earn.


Although support is not given to free users, it is still provided in great depth to those with the premium or business packages. Free users can still post questions on a forum (where other users may be able to answer their queries) or they can simply search through the forum to find similar questions to what they would like to know.

This lack of support is a major pitfall for this web hosting service; however, it is fairly easy to understand and make use of for those who have experience when working with such a service. For beginners, it may be more of a trial and error process than anything else.


The main concern of this web hosting service is that it provides fewer features in the free version and requires payment for upgrading to one of the packages. The limited features are ideal for those who would like to stay within the restrictions that are placed (i.e. the fact that only 2 websites can be hosted). This means that the web hosting service is only free to some extent. Aside from this, the lack of support would make it difficult for beginners to grasp the hosting service. No support means that queries cannot be addressed appropriately and this is why this hosting service is not ideal for first-time users or beginners. Amateurs and experts, on the other hand, would be able to use 000webhost more efficiently.

However, it is quite obvious that the pros outweigh the cons in the case of 000webhost because the main thing is that this service is giving you everything you would ever need from a web hosting service completely free of cost.

Final Verdict

000webhost is a free service and it is one of the most reliable ones available to date. The best part? It is packed with features which you cannot find when using any other free hosting service. Also, 000webhost provides its services without any advertisements and gives you the option to use your own. This enhances the experience for the user and the website administrator because it places complete control of the website’s ads in the hands of the administrator.

One of the most interesting features is that 000webhost gives you the chance to earn as well. Through simple and free promotion on your website or social media platforms, you can easily earn money or rewards. This is a much more profitable option than having the service display its ads on your website upon activation (needless of whether you want to display ads or not).

For anyone looking for a web hosting service that is free, efficient and highly reliable, 000webhost is one of the best options in the industry. It is very well-known and popular because it has built its reputation on a foundation of reliability and quality. It places no restrictions on the website or its administrators and ensures that they are given complete control of how their website is being hosted with the provision of a variety of features.

The paid packages give complete value for what you pay because they have a great number and variety of features that are irresistible for anyone looking for a web hosting service. The paid packages provide unlimited access to a variety of features along with additional features that cannot be found with the free version.

In conclusion, 000webhost is one the best options available in the market and it will provide you with an unforgettable and smooth web hosting experience. The quality of this service is unbeatable by any other free service. You can never go wrong with a web hosting service that has 11 years of experience in the market (their understanding of consumer needs is unquestionable).

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  1. One of the highest ranked Free WordPress Hosting service, 000Webhost is seemingly the choice of millions of active users. And that in itself serves as the reason why we had to include it on our list. With zero cost, the services that this hosting provides is great. And unlike with WordPress.com, there are no limitations that you need to abide by.

    Here, I have listed below some of the important features.

    Key Features:

    99% Uptime guarantee.
    Supports PHP and MySQL with no restrictions.
    Large disk space and bandwidth.
    One Click Installation process.
    In-built Easy Website Builder.
    Friendly and responsive customer support.
    Auto Installer
    Support for PHP and MySQL databases.
    Instant activation with zero cost.

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