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“Responsive” Theme Review – Awesome Free WordPress Template

Although there are innumerable names in the WordPress forefront that provide quality WordPress themes, however, CyberChimps is a brand that everyone can rely upon. For several years now, this brand has been providing premium and free themes, integrated with advanced features as well as functionalities. Right from small-scale agencies to newly founded startups, CyberChimps has […]

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Liquid web hosting review

Liquid Web is one of the high-end web hosting services available today, with a reputation for flexibility and variety. With approximately 30K customers worldwide, the company has spent the last 20 years building its specialized web hosting empire. If you own a business, then you must know that businesses require an excellent web hosting services […]

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LawBlog WordPress Theme Review

With the advent of advanced CMS like WordPress, you don’t need advanced technical knowledge like coding to build a website or blog. You can buy a domain within five minutes, install WordPress manually in the next five, and then select a desirable theme for your website. Choosing a WordPress theme must be an informed decision. […]

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Wordable Review – Save Time Moving Blog Posts from Google Docs to WordPress

Have you ever copied and pasted your content from Google Docs into WordPress only to have it show up…weird? The spacing is incorrect, the images don’t show up, the text formatting disappears, and headers don’t translate at all. You end up spending precious time–sometimes an hour or more for long-form content—reformatting every aspect to ensure […]