Careers That You’ll Actually Want To Be Stuck With For Life

Careers for your life

Whether you like it or not, there’s no getting out of the fact that you’re going to have to work for the rest of your life and work damn hard if you want to be in with a chance of actually having a good lifestyle, where you can afford all of the nice things that you could possibly want, or go on all of the lovely holidays that we know you’re desperate to go on. Of course, you could win the lottery if you keep playing it every single week without fail, but the chances of you winning enough money to kiss goodbye to your working lifestyle is so bleak, that we highly recommend you channel your energy into reading this article.

We know that there’s hardly anyone out there who actually likes to work. It’s a chore, or a means to an end for a lot of people. And for some of you, no matter how many articles you read, or how many jobs you try and switch through, being in work is always going to be a means to an end for you, because you’re just not cut out for the working world. But for those of you who are still holding out a career that you’ll actually be happy to be stuck with for life, you’re about to read the right article for you. We know how tough it can be to switch from career to career, not really knowing which one is going to suit you, so we really do hope this article helps you out!

Careers for your life

Management Roles

Management roles suit pretty much everyone, because everyone likes being the boss of someone, whether they like to admit it or not. But management actually is a really hard role to master and one that only selects a few amounts of people can do well. Because although it might seem like the obvious route for someone who is sick of being at the bottom of the pile and doesn’t like being told what to do, the responsibility of being in a management role is something you have to be mentally ready for. Because although you do get to tell people what to do a little bit more, there are still people telling you what to do, and the weight of that is a lot worse than the weight of what you had when you held no management title. But when the pressure is adaptable to, this job is just one that’s full of rewards.

The pay is higher, the responsibility is to hire, and the room for job progression is much higher. Even if you don’t progress through the company that initially hired you, you could still go through other companies due to having the management experience that everyone is looking for. But, just jumping right into this role isn’t as easy as being good at telling people what to do. You usually need some form of education, mostly to degree level. But there are plenty of online degrees that you could do to get you where you need to be.

From an operations manager degree to a nursing degree, there’s always going to be one that you can do online. In the meantime, just try and get volunteer work doing management roles, or even take other courses to make you more employable. Some of the smaller companies that you could apply for won’t ask all of this, but if you want to go for the big companies with bigger opportunities, it’s best to get as much on your CV as you possibly can!

Special Needs Play Therapist

This is one of those careers that you just have to give a try if you’re looking for something that is the full package. With this career, you’re going to get a ton of reward, a ton of challenges, and plenty of room to progress through the ranks which will get you more money. But you do have to be a special type of person to be able to do a role like this. It’s going to present to you many challenges that you might not be used to facing in your day to day job at the minute, and there will definitely be some learning curves along the way that you’re going to have to try and jump over. The first being the education that you need to get into a career like this. You can’t really just jump right into it, you do have to be specially trained to deal with children and adults with special needs, and you need to know how to cater for their every need, no matter what their condition demands. You have to learn about how play can affect people’s learning needs, and how it can help individuals to reach developmental milestones. But most of all, you will be able to connect with people and be that support system and friend that they might feel without. It’s easy for people with special needs to feel singled out, but the one on one time with you that they have could mean all of the worlds to them, and help them to feel slightly less segregated.


We wanted to list one that we thought would be last on people’s list to think about, and that’s even if it was on the list at all. When you were in high school, you were either that person that was really into maths, or English, or science. If you were the one who was always interested in English, then there’s no reason why this role wouldn’t suit you. If you loved writing a story, and always used to get wrapped up in the way you could tell a story through words, then this one is definitely for you. But the road to get into a career like this is often a hard and long one, and you will have to go to a degree level of education to get into a good role. You will have to spend a good few years building up a portfolio of work and doing small journalist articles for whatever and whoever you can. Once you start building your way up, you can then begin to think about what you would like to specialize in. If you really want a career that you would be happy to be stuck with for life, you should think about becoming a food journalist, or a travel journalist. Both of these roles will more than likely send you around the world and seriously having the experience of a lifetime!


This is one that really appeals to us, and we know it’s going to be something that will appeal to a lot of you. It’s easy to find a passion for a career like this because so many of you will have a deep love for food. You’ll love fast food, fancy food, and anything else in between. There are some of you who will the flavors of food, and who will be fascinated with how it’s all put together. For those of you who feel like you’ve got a deep love for food, the flavors, and the presentation of it all, then a career as a chef might be the route you can go down. You would most definitely have to start from the bottom and work your way up, such as doing something like pot washing. You’d then get moved to the preparation of the food, to then cooking some of it, and before you know if you’ve gone from a pot wash to someone who is preparing the food! And you’d definitely have to start at the bottom in terms of the quality of places that you work for. But if you are someone who is passionate and sticks with it, then you’ll definitely have a career out of it in the end! Plus, a career as a chef could take you all over your country, if not around the world. You could go on to starting your own restaurant, and just generally living the high life doing something that you love to do.

Property Developer

If you know you have a really creative, and you have a love for interior design and doing up your own home, then this could be something for you to think about. Being a property developer is one of those careers that’s really hard to get into because you generally need a big investment to get it going. But if you were to go to the banks and play your cards right, then you definitely could get the loan that you need to go down your own little road. You could then go into something like property flipping which would really bring out your creative side with interior design. Once you build up enough money from doing small jobs and making money, you could then go into the property development side of things. But to get to this point can take a long while, so you just have to stick it out, and have plenty of fun along the way!

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