An Absolute Guide To Mobile-Optimize Your WP Site

With the burgeoning mobile web, every business is seeking an effective and efficient mobile presence. As, analytics have shown that the mobile usage for accessing the Internet exceeds that via desktop, it is crystal clear that businesses who are not easily accessible through mobile devices, are definitely losing a lot of your potential consumers. For this reason, many businesses have already transformed their sites to mobile platforms. Therefore, to leverage your business in this mobile age, it has become imperative to support a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet.

How to Boost Facebook likes of your WordPress site

Facebook is currently the largest social networking website of the world, and creating a strong presence on it is definitely something to be aware of. Keeping an updated facebook page with a lot of likes is highly likely to generate a lot of active and targeted traffic for your website. There are a lot of ways in which facebook likes could be increased, some includes paying facebook to advertise your page to its users but right now we’re not talking about that. We are going to tell you some useful tips which could help you in increasing your likes, and that too free of cost.

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How to Hide the Fact That Your Site is Running on WordPress

It has been observed that many versions of WordPress websites are not only outdated but also plugins are not as secured as in the latest versions and these websites can be hacked easily with simple automated tools. The best way is to resolve this problem is updating and maintaining the security of your WordPress based websites on continuous basis.