New Money-Making Approaches for WordPress Blog Writing

Money-Making Approaches for WordPress Blog Writing

Creating blogs on WordPress has become a common phenomenon in the current ICT dispensation. It is highly respected due to its merits in optimizing search engine, offering convenient syndication, allowing for easy updates, responding to web design as well as cost-effectiveness among others. Blogs can be of many types ranging from politics, religion, academics, science, technology, etc. Writing the blog is an enjoyable process but how can you start earning with it?

This article describes the new strategies in which a blog hosted by WordPress gets money and makes bloggers more famous and happier. Check these platforms and recommendations gathered by experts and get an advantage of them.


Gone are the days when bloggers have been using traditional strategies to get money online. Currently, conventional ways have been repealed and new strategies adopted. StackCommerce is one of the strategies that you can use to earn extra coins. This is a product that assists in marrying excellent content with appropriate products. The clients pay for the platform, and hence bloggers get money in return.

Moreover, using StackSocial is another current strategy for earning cash online by bloggers in WordPress. This company publishes deals on both digital and physical products. The arrangements range from software, online courses to electronics. The platform resembles AppSumo (an ad creation tool on social media that is used by website owners and bloggers for commercial purposes) although it applies to products of all types at similar instances. SkillWise, Citizen Goods and StackSocial are e-commerce areas where you can make money as a blogger in 2018. They are merely blog applications for monetization.

Theme customization

Having your blog at WordPress can assist you to get money via customization services. Various people are earning a lot from performing themes, website or plugin customizations. This has happened to many Freelancing blogs and Up Work.

Although customization services are done by WordPress itself, they can also be done on a website or blog. In any way, there are several WordPress users with the ability to install a theme but do not have the technical know-how to update the layouts and the nature of custom posts. It is in this case that a blog can offer the services on an hourly variable cost rate.

Affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews

Apart from e-commerce and service or product providers in your blog, money can also be generated through the utilization of sponsored reviews, and affiliate marketing on your website. This does not need extra effort but merely taking advantage of the traffic and the available content on the blog. The majority of the current online service providers offer affiliate plans. The easiest to work with include Shareasale, CJ Affiliate, Themeforest, and Creative Market. They are signed up for free, and links are added to your posts whenever possible.

Extra tips

Here are some additional tips to consider if you want your blog to be successful:

  • Make sure that it has a proper domain name;
  • The quality of your content should remain high – do not spam with keywords or pop-up windows. Customers appreciate a good user experience today.
  • If you are selling something, try to provide decent customer service. This is a key point of any marketing nowadays.
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  1. Very Well Complied tips. They are really useful for approaching people and getting the content approved from the webmaster.

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