How To Get .Edu and .Gov Backlinks Easily and Resources

How to get Edu and Gov backlinks

For a new blogger, it is critical to get traffic for your blog and internet marketing of your blog will help you to get this goal. If you’re new to Internet Marketing, then may be you thought that once you’d built your website, visitors would automatically come. Yeah, I thought that too. But it is not an easy task. To get traffic the best step is to get the Backlinks for your website or blog.

Well, a backlink is simply a link directly to your website, blog or any online presence that you may have. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll presume you have a website and concentrate on that.

.Edu and .Gov BacklinksA backlink could also be termed a hypertext link. Often, you’ll visit websites with a text link that says something like,

Click Here and this blue, underlined text is a hyperlink.

If you can get backlinks from .edu or .gov sites, you’ll benefit immensely in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, because Google respects these sites a lot and links originating from these sites are considered to be of the highest order.

Here’s how to do a search on Google to find .edu and .gov blogs to comment on for high-quality backlinks. Your search input should read as seen in blue below because in this way Google will bring up the sites where comments aren’t closed. Of course, you should substitute “KEYWORDS” for your real keywords: inurl:blog comment WordPress inurl:blog comment WordPress

Another way to search for .edu and .gov sites would be the following:

blog blog
suggest url suggest url
add url add url

Be niche specific; if your site’s about WordPress, try searching for –

WordPress blog

Any webmaster would like .edu and .gov backlinks, especially since one .edu link is worth about 10 .com links. These backlinks will improve your site’s position in the search engine results in double-quick time.

It must be said, .edu sites are given equal weight as .gov websites, even though .gov backlinks are much harder to get.

Try to getting backlinks from different language sites is helpful, because these websites usually have fewer outbound links, so you get full authority from them.

Always try to make your comment useful and relevant to post and commenting in dofollow blog pages can get you some fast backlinks. These are the very useful resources to get a backlink, if you know any, please let us know in the comments section below.

  1. JiscDigitalMedia
  2. Scri
  3. eLearning
  4. SheilaMacneill
  5. KnightCenter
  6. UCSB
  7. GamingPSU
  8. Asimong
  9. DavisNY
  10. Title3
  11. Scratch
  12. GuildHall
  13. Falmouth
  14. BuffaloState

Wrap up

Backlink from the no-follow links are countless and not worth because search engines don’t see these links. Take care to post as much as you can on the blogs which have regular links instead. Unfortunately, almost 99% of these blogs has no-follow attribute attached to their own links.

So, it’s going to be very hard to find one with “no-follow” disabled. Good luck with your link development!

Note: If you know any good gov or edu site for getting backlinks, do let us know in the comments section below and we will add it up here. :-)

  1. I am familiar with the ‘site:’ command on Google, but looking at the examples you are using, its not clear to me how exactly I would use them. I tried using the command to locate Florida Boating .edu blogs, but it returned a bunch of really old irrelevant blogs. I assum I must be doing some thing wrong. How would you structure the search string for this query?

    1. Hi Ben,
      Thanks for the question. You can try the following queries in Google. inurl:blog Florida Boating comments

      and inurl:florida boating

      Please let me know if the above queries work. I hope it will.

  2. I tried using the command to locate Florida Boating .edu blogs, but it returned a bunch of really old irrelevant blogs.

  3. Thanks for this write up. I have been searching for ways to add edu and gov backlinks. The site string and url string thing has been enourmously helpful. As has putting comments in the search query. Thanks again!

  4. Wow, this post is really cool. .Edu and .Gov links are just one way to an increase in your site’s rank and credibility. Like you said, it’s not easy. I will try out your tips and hope to get something positive. Thanks

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    Thank you so much for your post.

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  8. Thank you even if their links are nofellow if I can get one or two of them I will be happy because I believe that in future nofellow links will be worth ranking in the Internet world.

  9. .edu and .gov backlinks can help everyone to get good traffic and rank also. You have shared your informative post here which is really helpful for the owner of every website. Looking forward for your next informative post.

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