Does the FWD Mega Bundle Have Everything You Could Ever Need?

Future Web Design Mega Bundle

The Future Web Design (or FWD) Mega Bundle is a set of products that you can buy in a single packaged deal. These products include essentials that you cannot survive without. So, the Mega Bundle is essentially a survival kit for anyone with a website looking to broaden their website’s functionality.

The products included in the Mega Bundle are WordPress plugins, galleries, sliders, video, and audio players, grids, coverflows, lightboxes, galleries, stack sliders, image sliders, image, and product viewers and so much more. Basically, the Mega Bundle provides the deal of a lifetime by giving the customer a variety of products at a very affordable price.


What Exactly is in the Mega Bundle?

So far, the Mega Bundle includes 58 different products, including simple, royal and ultimate carousals, coverflows and video players, a sticky and light mp3 player and many more. Again, the diversity of the Mega Bundle is astounding because it concentrates on everything that you need to create unique content on your own.

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The FWD Mega Bundle concentrates on giving the user the best possible creative outlet that they could hope for using a number of different products to do so. Anyone of the products in the Mega Bundle would cost over $8 if you were to buy them alone and this is exactly why the Mega Bundle is so amazing.

Why Should You Buy the Mega Bundle?

The Mega Bundle includes so many different products that can be used to create content in an efficient and time-saving manner. The best part about the bundle is that you can buy all of the work that comes under the FWD name through this one bundle. You will also have access to all of FWD’s future products. That means there are a lot of products with a lot of different functions and purposes will be available at your disposal.

The Mega Bundle can make your website stand out among your competition because the products that the bundle contains can be used to make your website attractive and the content you post presentable. This can help your website gain an advantage over your competitors and it will surely have a great impact on those who visit your visually stunning website.

Another major reason for buying the Mega Bundle is the fact that it is a complete bargain. If you were to buy the products separately, you would have to spend much more than the price of the bundle. Also, even if you do not need a specific product from the range offered through the bundle, you do not have to use it. You can simply use those products that you need at the time you need them.


The price tag for the FWD Mega Bundle is unbelievably affordable. At only $98, you can get the bundle (which includes all future products and updates along with the already existing 58 items). This is not only the bargain of a lifetime for any website developer, it is also something you cannot miss out on. This price gives you a 95% discount in the form of a single package.

This price tag includes 6 months of support and the support can be extended by another 6 months for only $35.63.

Pros and Cons

If you want to buy the Mega Bundle and are considering whether or not you are making a good decision, you probably should weigh the pros and cons before jumping to any conclusions. Let’s start with the pros of buying the FWD Mega Bundle:

  • The price is very affordable and the bundle itself is giving complete value for your money (58 products for only $98 is nothing but a bargain);
  • There are a variety of products available which can be used for many different purposes (so, FWD is not being limited to a single domain when it comes to this offer);
  • FWD products have a unique look and can give your website an artistic and aesthetic look;
  • You can use multiple products from the bundle without having to worry about paying for them separately.

While the pros of the FWD Mega Bundle show a large number of benefits for the user, there are also some cons that you should consider before buying the Mega Bundle, including the following:

  • The Mega Bundle is not exactly the most suitable package for beginners because they may not be able to make effective use of all the products that are offered in the Mega Bundle;
  • You might not need all of the products in the bundle and they may seem useless to you (which may seem like a waste of money to some);
  • It may be more effective to simply buy one or two of the products if they are all you need (the entire bundle may not be necessary in a case where you only need 1 or 2 products and are sure that you will not need the rest).


The Mega Bundle being offered by FWD is one that cannot be topped by any other because of the fact that it provides so much diversity and so many different functions in a single package. The price is affordable and the variety is something that website developers would love to have in their collection.

Any website can be improved tenfold with the use of the various products in the Mega Bundle. Unique content and interesting features are the keys to capturing any website visitor’s eye and this bundle can certainly facilitate you in doing so. So, no need to fret about getting your money’s worth because this bundle is worth every single penny.

Check it out today!

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