Free Vs. Paid WordPress Themes: Which Option Should You Go For?

Free Vs. Paid WordPress Themes

One of the most crucial decisions you probably have to make before launching a new website is which theme you should go for. Though there are countless fantastic WordPress themes, the confusion that builds up here is whether to choose a free or paid theme. Premium or paid WordPress themes tend to lure visitors with their rich features and sleek appearances. On the other hand, free WordPress themes are worthwhile as they allow you to experiment with your new project without spending money on the theme. Though both options have several pros and cons, you’ll be left chasing your tail all day without our guidance.

To avoid getting confused while choosing between a free and a paid theme, it’s crucial to have complete knowledge of the pros and cons of both sides. Such information will assist you in making the right decision. The question is pretty straightforward; free or paid WordPress themes? As you are about to discover, the answer to this question isn’t that challenging.

In this blog, we’ll point out the differences between paid and free WordPress themes so that you can evaluate both options and make the right choice according to your requirements.

Difference between Paid and Free WordPress Themes?

Paid WordPress themes cost money for a pretty good reason. Such themes are responsive, feature-rich, and well supported by the publisher’s support team. Though that’s not always the case, you should also be careful from which vendor you buy the theme. However, most of the time, you can expect to receive better quality through paid themes compared to free ones.

On the other hand, free themes are created by individuals with limited to no support. However, you’ll also witness quality vendors offering free themes to market their services and high-end themes. Regardless, the customization options and quality may vary significantly due to their lack of revenue. In addition, such themes aren’t even close to the benchmark set for paid WordPress themes.

The purpose of launching your website has a strong influence on your decision. For example, are you merely planning on launching a blog to share your thoughts in the form of content? Or are you planning on establishing a new international B2B marketplace that attracts leading global manufacturers and suppliers? Bloggers can go for a free theme as their focus will mainly be on the content they have to offer. However, to launch a B2B marketplace, you’ll need a paid theme that can be customized and handle loads of data.

That said, here are a few pros and cons of free and paid themes to help you get a clearer picture of what you are about to invest in.

Pros of Using Free WordPress Themes

Free Free Free!

The most vital benefit of free WordPress themes is that they won’t even cost you a penny. This benefit is perfect for those individuals who are simply itching for a change or experimenting with a new idea. Paid themes cost an average of over $55. On the other hand, many vendors don’t approve of money-back guarantees. Therefore, going for something free is always a wiser choice to reduce the risk.

Simple Designs

If you aren’t hunting for something complicated and high-end, then free themes can satisfy your demands at best. On the other hand, premium themes are associated with many widgets and premium features that upgrade your site to make it look too professional.

Officially Approved

The safe part about free themes is that you can get them approved through a multi-step process on WordPress. So no need to worry about verification. Also, you can always buy the paid version of a free theme.

Cons of Using Free WordPress Themes

No Uniqueness

The majority of free themes have thousands, sometimes even millions of downloads. That means there are many sites already surfing the net similar to yours.

Limited Features

A free theme usually has limited features. That means you can’t go for customized features to make your website look high-end or well customized.

Zero Support

If you ever get lost or end up at a dead end, no one is coming to rescue you. Due to the theme’s zero-cost nature, the provider won’t offer support to any user. That means you’re on your own if you opt for this option.

Pros of Using Paid WordPress Themes

Round the Clock Support

Paid themes are usually sold by leading and trusted developers. Therefore, you can expect them to offer after-sale support. You can get help through email, phone, and even Skype. You can utilize the support to discuss any problem related to the theme you bought.

Outstanding Quality

Most of the themes are designed by leading companies that have hired teams of qualified and experienced designers. Testing, designing, and maintaining these themes is considered a crucial task that these developers have to work on. Therefore, you can expect superb quality themes loaded with high-end features, plugins, and widgets.

Built-in Customization

One of the vital benefits of working with a paid theme is that you can make changes according to your requirements. For example, you can change the content layout, site navigation, image display, or font styles. Also, some themes offer a responsive backend for mobile users as well.

Cons of Using Paid WordPress Themes

Too Many Features

Subject designers can include many pointless features in their designs in a request to sell more themes. You will most likely never utilize each of those features. However, they are still there, making your site slow down.

High Cost

The cost is one thing that can never be ignored. Especially if you are a startup with a limited budget, if the vendor you buy from doesn’t offer a return, you can’t get your money back even if you aren’t satisfied with the theme.

Crossing Over Plugins Domain

Sometimes, WP themes can traverse into the plugin domain, offering unessential features that vanish when you switch the theme—making shortcodes and custom post types.

Wrap Up

Now that I’ve highlighted the pros and cons of both options, it should make it easier for you to come to a final decision and launch your website with the best WordPress theme.

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  1. Choosing a WordPress theme has always been a task. This usually happens when in the market there are so many amazing free vs premium WordPress themes available. Free WordPress themes have limited features with no or limited support. Whereas Premium WordPress themes have a lot of features with quick support.

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