7 best practices for webpros to build an effective WordPress website 

best practices for webpros

Web professionals and designers have to ensure that they stay on top of every practice that is trending in the world of WordPress. However, as a webpro, there may be instances wherein you do not get to apply these practices to showcase your creativity. This can be a little frustrating.

With this article, we aim to give you a set of best practices you can inculcate in order to make a WordPress website more effective. Here are 7 best practices for webpros to build a website after buying a WordPress hosting.

Rest API

Web designers generally face a challenge when it comes to building a WordPress hosting website that is fast and takes minimal time for APIs to retrieve data. Since the page load time of any website is of the essence, web designers are using RESTful (Representational State Transfer) to shorten the duration for APIs to fetch data from websites. The function of REST is simple- instead of fetching information from the website, it breaks down the sequence or structure of information and presents it without depending on any resources or methods. This allows REST to handle various calls and return different forms of data. With a faster page load time, your WordPress website is bound to experience a boost in search rankings.


Microinteractions are minute interactive elements added to WordPress websites to enhance user experience. These interactive elements make WordPress websites all the more interesting, leading to higher engagement and longer sessions on the website. This, in turn, affects the conversions through the website. This trend, though rare, has started picking up rather quickly. We hope that you will start including this for your clients since it is touted to be a gamechanger when it comes to interactivity for websites.

Drag and Drop content

Building a WordPress website has gotten easier with the drag and drop feature. This feature, provided by WordPress themes does not necessarily demand to have knowledge of technical skills. Moreover, the drag and drop feature allows you to not just get your website up and ready in no time but also allows you to maneuver the website with ease. Your time to go online is drastically reduced and you can change the theme of your website in no time.

Module based themes

Including different modules in your WordPress website allows you to integrate many sophisticated functions that take user experience to a whole new level. Moreover, the drag and drop feature of WordPress websites makes the whole experience superior. Having said that, modules bring in a certain robustness to the entire canvas of your theme. It makes your website a little less rigid and allows for swift navigation.

Adaptive images

Since users are turning to mobile for web browsing, it has become critical to make your website mobile responsive. Hence, using adaptive images is equally important. Gone are those days when a Shutterstock or a photo-library would come to your rescue whilst choosing and uploading an image into your website. There is a huge chance that the images created by these stock photo libraries may not comply with some devices. Which is why turning to adaptive images is crucial.

VR based themes

Today, most designers have started understanding how VR changes the way users consume websites. It has allowed its deployers to provide a better product experience for users through websites of all kinds. With the help of VR, users get completely engrossed and engaged with the website, giving them an experience which other websites don’t. If the whole website is executed well by the designers, VR can be that icing on the cake which will make the website outstanding.

Single page websites

Brevity is beautiful. Because the lesser you say on your website, the more it means. A single page website is a preferred choice when you want to say more with less content. With a single page website, it all comes down to driving a single-minded proposition for your business or service. So, as a thumb rule when your client does not want to say much but is looking to make a statement with the website, single page website is a good choice.


We believe that you will be able to leverage these trends and make the most out of them for your clients and customers. Do bear in mind that it is not necessary to use all these trends together. In case you are thinking of getting a WordPress Hosting for yourself or your client, you can avail the same from ResellerClub, a renowned name in the world of hosting.

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