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With the eCommerce industry totally exploding in comparison to brick-and-mortar retailing, it’s starting an online store that makes a lot of sense. With this comes a lot of responsibility. You’ll need to learn marketing skills, branding skills, writing and customer service skills—the list goes on and on. One thing you should definitely focus on honing is your design techniques. Taking the time to design your e-commerce website well upfront will pay dividends down the line. To help you get it right, here is a list of easy-to-employ e-commerce design trends that will help your eCommerce business.

Use a Website Builder

The first thing you can do to make your design process simpler is utilizing a website builder. using This makes it more affordable and easy, especially if you’re new to e-commerce. Instead of having to know design best practices, coding and tools like Adobe Creative Suite, a website builder will offer you templates for your e-commerce site.

Similarly, a logo generator will help you create a professional and memorable logo for your eCommerce business. This tool offers you a plethora of nuanced designs that will help cultivate your brand identity.

Go Mobile-Friendly

Because it’s increasingly common for people to shop online using their cell phones rather than desktop computers, it’s definitely in your best interest to go mobile-friendly. The number of mobile users has been on the rise for years. People now use mobile devices for conducting research and making purchases online.

So, what is it about going mobile that reinforces customers’ experience with your eCommerce business? Going mobile boosts convenience and brand reputation. Being this much more accessible to your customers is easy-to-employ and will bring back great ROI for your company.

Create Original Content

Pay special attention to the content that fills your e-commerce website—both words and images. Conceptually, you want to be the most original business out there. Customers want to get a sense of your unique brand personality from your website.

Easily digestible original content will hook new and returning customers alike. If customers enjoy their encounters with your eCommerce site, they may even share their experience with others through word-of-mouth or on social media. Either way, you’re benefiting from original content. Creating original content is also a great form of organic marketing.

Use White Space/Skip Stock Photos

Another useful tip to follow when designing your eCommerce site is the utilization of white space and original photos. White space is incredibly important in design techniques. It’s like a canvas. The area between design elements creates space within your eCommerce site, showcasing individualized designs and readable chunks of type or photographs. All around, it balances the design and is super easy to utilize because it’s basically just arranging the other designs in comparison to the canvas.

Additionally, you want to create a positive design technique by avoiding the use of stock photos. Stock photos are tacky and unoriginal. They show your company hasn’t put much thought into incorporating original photos. The imagery on your eCommerce website must feel like your own if you hope to build a business and develop buying relationships with customers over time. Think about the visual experience you’re curating from start to finish.

So, there you have it. With these easy-to-employ design techniques, you’ll be sure your eCommerce site is in tip-top shape. Utilizing these tools will bring back great ROI for your company as well as teach you the importance of design to the human eye.

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