6+ Best Pay Per View Plugins For Your WordPress Blogs


Providing unique and fresh content on a blog is the major deciding factor in the success of a blog as they say “Content is King”, and many successful bloggers are actually making a fortune out of their hard work. For this reason, blogging is chosen by many people as one of the best possible ways of earning online which has caused new blogs sprouting up every other day belonging to various niches.

Monetization of a blog is in various forms like Pay per click, selling ad space, Pay Per View etc. Pay per click is one of the most used methods of monetization but for blogs covering events and special occasion’s videos having lots of visitors, Pay per View can also be beneficial albeit it is not very famous among the blogging community.

WordPress users have the advantage of using the ability of plugins and luckily, there is a plugin available for almost everything you can think of. Pay per view can be easily implemented on WordPress blogs with the use of the following WordPress plugins:

1. WPDeposit – WordPress Plugin

wpdeposit_WorPress Plugin

The WPdeposit plugin will help you run a monetary system on your WordPress website. It allows your users to deposit money into their account and spend them out on advertisement, subscription and other … It is pretty similar to the way Envato marketplace members deposit money and buy items. The plugin will also provide tools to send money from a user account to another or admin options to edit deposits of a specific user.

1.1 WPDepost PayPerView Add-on

payperview_wordpress plugin

The WPD -PayPerView is an add-on for WPdeposit that enables site owners to let users/visitors pay for every view of a post/page. This easily customizable plugin comes with a lot of useful features. Some of them are: Protection of content and images, accept payment and subscriptions, social media login, PayPal friendly.

2. Clix Recent Ads

Clix Recent Ads

Revolutionary Plugin Spies on Your Competition and Shows You the Latest Paid to Click Ads That Will Give You an Unfair Advantage in Business. Have you ever wondered how some ads just seem to be a hit with the prospective customer? You keep seeing them.

3. Cleeng Live Pay-per-view

Live streaming Pay Per View Solution

Another pay per plugin is created by Cleeng which is very easy to use and is available worldwide. It is designed to give its users flexibility in connecting with your fans and to promote your event. Pre booking facility is also available in this plugin. Another important featyre is that if your event is free it is also free otherwise you will be charged a small amount from your sales.

4. WordPress eStore plugin

WordPress eStore plugin

Another multifaceted plugin. Lets you sell digital downloads, videos, music, photos, subscriptions, tickets, serial numbers, web hosting, collect membership fees, and much more. Secure download manager and easy streamlined checkout. The best part is that it gives you a multisite license.

5. Tinypass – WordPress Plugin


A simple yet effective plugin providing you with the ability to monetize your content in minutes. You can cash any type of content whether it’s a blog post, a site subscription, a digital download, or even a pay-per-view video. It also accepts very small amounts of payment and wide variety of payment methods.

6. MediaPass Subscriptions


A WordPress certified subscription plugin enabling publishers, managing multiple publications to charge users and add customization according to their needs.

7. Url Keywordz!

Url Keywordz! Is A Time Saving Tool Designed For Cpv – Cost Per View, Also Know As Ppv – Pay Per View Marketers To Quickly And Easily Develop Highly Targeted Domain Name Based Keyword Lists.

If you have experienced any other awesome plugin other than these feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below.

Arslan Rashid

Arslan Rashid

Arslan is an Electrical Engineering student who has a keen interest in the WordPress developments and upcoming technologies. He likes to share interesting knowledge with the readers.

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3 thoughts on “6+ Best Pay Per View Plugins For Your WordPress Blogs

  1. shiva

    Thanks for this tutorial! You made it so easy!
    I searched all over and couldn’t figure out how to do this, and then I found this article. Thank you for giving such simple instructions!

  2. Ana

    I have a question… are there any pay per view plugins where the purchaser can send the link to their client?

    For example, if I sold a video that doctors would purchase a pay per view from me to send to their patients to watch at home… Is there a plugin with that possibility?

  3. Chuck

    How about WP Pay Per View?