Noor Mustafa Raza

I am a WordPress Developer and Designer, author @WPArena. I am providing Free WordPress consultation and can help you to install WordPress in a secure way to small businesses and bloggers.
Windows 7 Official Wallpapers

Microsoft has released this official Windows 7 wallpapers pack. If you don’t use Windows 7 and you want to have all those beautiful wallpapers, then here they are. Here is the list of all unofficial Windows 7 Wallpapers. Official Windows 7 Wallpapers List Architecture 1. Architecture 2. Architecture…

Russian Web Designers

When I was studying in Russia specially the time which I spent in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tula and Saransk, I realized that Russian Art is the most complete and expressive manifestation of the Russian creative genius. Russian art is an interpretation of reality. It is not a simple mirroring of reality. It is what is called in philosophy a “hermeneutics of reality.”

free psd templates

PSD files are generally a layered file that is proprietary to Adobe PhotoShop. PSDs are useful in that they can enable the designer to change colors to an image, add image layers, or remove image layers. Adding text is also easy with a PSD file, You can slice…

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