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Nearly a Ten days left before long awaited and much talked about WordPress 3.0 comes out. We have got some fascinating news for all of you, that WordPress 3.0 beta version is released. I had installed the recently released WordPress 3.0 Beta on my local machine and I had found following new features enhancements but keep in mind these features could be changed before the final release.

1. Menu Management Feature


With this feature, users can create Custom Menus very easily. Actually this feature is adopted from WooThemes framework which they have released as a plugin “WooNav”, and Now Automattic integrated this Menu system in WordPress 3.0. Menu management is a little bit inconsistent and I  hope  WordPress developer will overcome and make the final release a stable version. Little more information you can find at Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress 3.0.

2. Improved custom post types


Custom fields are actually post metadata that is associated with the post, it can open up an avenue for custom theme display. Custom fields are located in the Custom Fields module below the post editing box. If you would like to create a new custom field.
With the help of this powerful feature, developer and designer can manage content easily and in a better way. Custom Post types and custom taxonomies will make things easier to customize the websites easily. Learn more about Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0 over here. There is a Plugin for Custom Post Type UI, try to use it and see the possibilities.

3. Improved custom taxonomies


While improving the custom taxonomies means WordPress providing and moving toward flexible and usable Content Management System. Because with the help of this feature the category-style support as well as hierarchical provided which make the Rating system with sub-taxonomies like PG-13, R, U etc. again the Plugin for Custom Post Type UI, try to use it and see the possibilities.

4. New Default theme “Twenty Ten”


Twenty Ten (2010, like the current year) is the only default theme in the WordPress 3.0 distribution, Kubrick, and Classic themes are not included. Why have they given this name? Because WordPress team will release every year new default theme. In this nice theme, the main typeface is Georgia, theme contains two columns, with widgetized sidebar and footer with four columns, Custom header give you more option to give the better and nice look of your theme and you can customize the background of the header with your own image.

5. Improved child theme support:


A WordPress child theme inherits the functionality of parent theme, with a child theme, you can modify and can change the parent theme functionality. There is an article on Child Theme, in this article, you will learn How to create a basic child theme and what you can do with it. They are used Default WordPress 3.0 theme Twenty Ten as an example of Parent Theme.

6. Standalone WordPress and WPMU code merged


If you want to use your WordPress as a MultiUser blog than its possible with WordPress 3.0. You can configure to host multiple blogs as a sub-directory or sub-domain with single WordPress 3.0 installation. All you have to do to enable the Network menu item, you must first define multisite in the wp-config.php file.

Open up wp-config.php and add this line

define ('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

If you want to use multiple domains on a single WordPress installation then there is a Plugin “Domain Mapping” by Donncha, a lead WPMU developer. Here is a  guide on how to create blog network with WordPress 3.0 over here.

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