Are Website Builders as Good as WordPress?

Are Website Builders as Good as WordPress_

Website building is no longer rocket science where you need to hire someone to make one for you. In, 2024 60% of the websites are self-made either with website builders or WordPress. Technology has evolved drastically in the past two decades where only CSS and HTML would work for building a website. But, now we have tens of builders available which make the website making easier than ever.

In this article, we will see some of the best website builders which can compete with WordPress showcasing what and how different they are. But before that, we will also have a look at how WordPress is and its benefits. Every platform differs in terms of costs, benefits, and functions they provide, thus while selecting one, you should pen down your requirement first so that you can easily select which one to go for!

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WordPress was built to compete with blogger which has turned out to be the most versatile builder when it comes to building websites. Having more security and access to various tools are some features that make WordPress stand out from everyone. The only drawback is you need to host and maintain your website by yourself. Rest assured, it is the best website builder you will ever have. Sites like Tech Engage are using WordPress too. Let us take a look at the benefits of WordPress

Benefits of WordPress –

  1. Speed, Security & Themes

WordPress offers speedy loading of the page, robust security options and various types of theme integration which makes it easier for one to build a website, stay secured and rank higher on search engines.

  1. Mobile-Friendly & SEO Friendly

WordPress has many plugins that make your website SEO Friendly and by default, it is mobile friendly as well, thus your rankings will boom up if you install proper plugins like Yoast SEO for search engine rankings.

  1. Cost of WordPress

WordPress comes for free but the only thing you need to buy is a domain and hosting for your website.  Also, themes are paid and free depending on your requirements.


Founded in 2006, Wix has come a long way from adobe flash-based website builder to a mainstream website builder with various options over WordPress. The advantage here is they do the hosting for you and give you a free domain named, which makes it totally free. The platform is best for one-page websites.

Benefits of Wix

  1. User-friendly

Wix offers a user-friendly interface which makes it easier for anyone to learn.

  1. All-Inclusive

The pricing for Wix includes everything from website builder that is drag and drop to hosting, blogging, invoices, scheduling and storage space.

  1. SEO and Analytics

The Analytics offered by Wix is smooth and you can take a dig from the Visitor analytics app from your dashboard to take a note of your visitors. Site booster is totally helpful for you to rank on search engines.


Students from Pennsylvania State University founded Weebly in 2006. The idea behind this was to solve their internet portfolio for showcasing their work. This type of platform is rent on a platform that makes it easy for you to pay monthly for all the features you need.

Benefits of Weebly –

  1. Easy for everyone

The website creation process is fast, easy and user-friendly. You can create a website within hours of your account creation which makes it very convenient for everyone because of its setup process.

  1. Analytics

In terms of Analytics, we can easily get to know about visitors, daily page views and detailed demographics about the users visiting our websites.

  1. Website Address

As same to Wix, Weebly also gives you an address that has a subdomain assigned to it (Example: But there are options to buy a domain without Weebly extension.


Squarespace was built to reach artists and local businesses helping them to put up their stories and engage the audience in a better way. Being a trusted website builder, they have a great support team that takes them one step ahead of their competition. They have an added advantage over others where you can take some of your code from a Squarespace website to another one wherein only some code is transferrable.

Benefits of Squarespace –

  1. Security

Security provided by Squarespace is of an extreme level, the owner can focus on the content of the website. Thus, it lets you concentrate on customers more.

  1. Responsive

Being responsive, it allows you to have various views of your website making it possible to make changes on mobile and on the desktop.

  1. Design First

The website builder allows you to make the most out of its designs by keeping it clean and trendy. Thus, you can also add some backend apps keeping your website more robust.


Our verdict would be that even though all have their advantages and disadvantages, first would always be WordPress and Wix followed by Weebly and Squarespace. All others are lacking somewhere or the other but only WordPress and Wix gives you space to perform and make an internet home for yourself.

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  2. Concerning website builders, did you hear that is also alive? I was surprised, they are still on market:), found them on Twitter/ Looks like they launched new features, monetization tools, wow.

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