How To Add WordPress Themes From The Dashboard

Add WordPress Themes

The first thing many new WordPress bloggers want to do is change the theme of their new WordPress blog. Heck, some even ask me how it is going to look before I even install WordPress for them and some even want it customized before getting started. But before you start trying to “pimp your blog” I suggest you try several different themes and see how they work and look for a while. Once you are settled on a theme then get that custom header made and installed, and learn how to tweak it over time.

This guide will show you how to use the One Click Plugin Updater to upload new WordPress themes right from the WordPress dashboard. To get started you will need to have the plugin installed and activated, if I setup your blog for you it should be ready to go. If not it will need installed via FTP. It is very important that you do not unzip or decompress any theme files you download. After the plugin is activated click Design in the WordPress dashboard, and then click the browse button to upload a zipped or compressed WordPress theme file from your computer. Make sure that Theme is selected in the Type drop-down box and simply click Install.

If all goes well you will get a Theme Installed message, then you can click Design, Themes again and activate your new theme.

The One Click Plugin Updater also does other things as well; you can upload new plugins the same as themes from with in the Plugins menu. Just click Plugins, Install a Plugin and follow the same steps as explained for themes.

Finally there is one last thing the One Click Plugin Updater plugin does and that is automatically update every outdated plugin with one click. When a plugin has a new version available there will be a notice in the dashboard to update all of them. Just click the notice and follow the directions.


WordPress has included this option within the core of WordPress as of at least version 2.8 rendering this plugin obsolete. You may even experience issues adding themes and plugins with this plugin activated.

And please don’t ask me what your FTP information is if you are prompted for it! If you have one of those kinds of hosting accounts either get a better one or learn what your settings are.

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