How To Add BlogRush To A WordPress Blog

add blogrush to WordPress

UPDATE: BlogRush is Shut Down (5/23/2017)

If you have a WordPress blog or any blog for that matter, chances are you have heard of BlogRush. BlogRush is a traffic generation strategy specifically for blogs. The purpose of this WordPress Guide is to show you how to add the BlogRush widget to your blog.

Adding BlogRush to a WordPress blog is really easy, but first, you need to sign up and get your code: First click here to get the BlogRush code. Once you sign up and log in you will see a dashboard menu.

Click the Get Code menu to add your blog and here you simply add your details. At this point, most people are confused about their feed URL. Your feed is the URL of your blog with a /feed on the end like this If you setup your feed at FeedBurner but don’t remember your feed URL just add /feed to the end of your blogs URL in the address bar and it will redirect you to your FeedBurner feed. Copy the FeedBurner feed URL from the address bar and add it in the BlogRush dashboard. To simplify the above: Simply add /feed to the end of your blog’s URL, hit enter and use the address shown.

After you add your blog now its time to place the code on your WordPress blog’s sidebar. From the BlogRush dashboard click Get Code, and highlight and copy the code. Go to your WordPress blog’s dashboard, Click Presentation, Widgets, and paste the code into a new or existing text widget. Learn more about working with WordPress here: Working With WordPress Text Widgets

If you want to know more about BlogRush or working with WordPress widgets here are a few links that may help:

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