Why WordPress Stats Stopped Working

WordPress stats stopped working

So your WordPress stats don’t work?

A few days ago the theme here on WordPressArena was changed and a few days later I checked my stats in the WordPress dashboard and I saw nothing at all. Now I know I am not getting tons and tons of traffic but when I saw absolutely none for a few days I knew there was a problem with one of the plugins or the theme. If you recently changed or edited your theme this may be why. Here is a short WordPress guide to check and fix your WordPress stats.

The WordPress.com Stats uses a bit of code in your footer template to run the plugin. Even if you have a footer.php file the code below must be in the file in order for the plugin to work. I am not going to get into why or how because I don’t know and frankly all I wanted was for it to be fixed and it worked.

Open your footer.php file and make sure you have the needed code in place to run the plugin shown below, near the bottom of the file just above the closing body or Html tags:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>


This fix worked for me and stats started showing immediately.

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