Why Do We Blog?

why do i blog

Why do we blog? Why do I blog? Money… yes, it’s all about money but before you leave let me tell you why I blog for the money.

There are actually five reasons (or more if you count pets) here at home for me to maintain my websites and blogs. When first starting with Internet marketing it was all about trying to make a little extra cash, but then I dug a little deeper and actually thought about why I want the money it hit me like a sack of nickles across my face. My family…I have been blessed with a beautiful family, a loving wife and, for the most part, 3 terrific kids. Well hey, kids can drive you nuts at times :) .

My oldest whom is actually an adult of 18 now is a shining example of the future of the United States, one of which I am proud of. If you watch the drive-by media you will see nothing but doom and gloom for our future. Even when it comes to our young people they want you to think that the world is going to hell but when I see my oldest I know we will be in good hands.

An honour student, an independent thinker, a great writer and creator of content and (even though I didn’t try to influence it), a young staunch conservative. I am very proud of her. She understands the difference between right and wrong, that she is responsible for her own actions and that nobody owes her anything. She is ready to jump into the world with no hands out, asking for nothing and ready take it on and to make what she wants to make of it. I will probably not need to help her, but I want to and that is why I blog.

My middle child is the party girl who wants to just have fun, but like her sister she “gets it”. She knows the difference between right and wrong, keeps everyone in line and makes sure nobody is doing anything ‘questionable’. She brings joy to all those she meets and will take that personality trait to great heights, of that I am sure, and to encourage it is why I blog.

The youngest is an ornery little guy that thinks the world is full of pirates, sailing ships, toy trains and monsters. While he may be somewhat right about the pirates and monsters, his imagination and young age offers him limitless possibilities. My little buddy is why I blog.

Then finally my wife, who works until 3am, gets up at 6am and does it day in and day out. I blog for you my dear so that some day you can sleep in.

I guess you can say I blog for money… or is it something else?

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