4 Tips on Building an Effective Intranet Website Using WordPress

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Communication is the glue that keeps teams and organizations together. When communication is done correctly, team members can work seamlessly with each other, and the organization as a whole can grow exponentially.

More and more businesses are now setting up their own intranet website to allow team members to share information and documents, communicate with each other, and interact better. Communicating through a private intranet site means everything is more traceable.

The intranet site can also be used to gather information in one place. It acts as a resource center for the whole team. Before you can gain these benefits, however, you need to build an effective intranet first, and WordPress is the tool for the job.

Make It Fun First

A good intranet website needs to be fun first. Gone are the days of setting up groupware with conventional UI and a monochromatic color scheme. Intranets today are about fun and generating value together, which is why WordPress is such a good CMS platform to use.

You can integrate BuddyPress and its social networking features to help build your intranet site. You also have plugins like Youzer supercharging WordPress user-profiles and how users interact on the new intranet site.

Add Critical Functions

While the intranet needs to be fun for everyone, nothing says that you cannot add functionalities that are also valuable to the organization. Adding a project management tool or integrating Slack and Zoom into the intranet are both easy to do.

Other tools, such as employee surveys and HR analytics, are also easy to integrate. For example, you can use Inpluse – host its Pulse survey to boost employee engagement and learn more about how happy and engaged your team members are.

Brand Elements

Adding brand elements is another thing you want to do when building an intranet site using WordPress. Since WordPress uses a universal structure for themes, it should not be difficult to create a custom theme for your company.

Other plugins, including BuddyPress, also use the same theming approach, so you can customize every part of the intranet site without having to jump through hoops. It can be an exciting project for your internal IT team.

Integrate Work

While the intranet site is meant to be the go-to resource center for every employee, it can also be integrated with work-related functions and tools if needed. We’ve talked about how critical functions can be added to the site before; now, it is time to expand the capabilities of your intranet site further.

You can, for example, integrate specific CRM functionalities to allow sales executives to work directly on the intranet site. There are plenty of WordPress plugins for the job, and you can even create a custom one based on your specific needs.

The seamless integration between a resource center, an information pool, and work-related tools is the final piece of the puzzle. Use the tips and tricks we covered in this article to help you develop a suitable intranet site for your organization and boost employee communications to a whole new level.

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