online business reputation

The online reputation of your brand or company constantly evolves and re-defined with each comment on your social media posts, customer review on social media or corporate website, and comments published on the blog posts. Potential customers discover a business online, and they observe these things and make…

A featured image design for tips to save money for startups

Some numbers are just terrifying. Nowadays, various reports like this one indicate that 90% of startups fail. With all the growing hype around startups, the legitimate question is “What are the reasons for that”? According to statistics, more than half of startups die within the first four years…

Taking Your Online Business to the Next Level

Anyone can set up a simple online business from their sofa these days but what happens when your business grows beyond your living room? For many business owners, taking the next step and continuing to build their business comes with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Taking your…

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