How To Move Your FeedBurner Account To Google

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Google has recently acquired FeedBurner and if you currently have your blog feeds on FeedBurner you may want to go move your feeds to the new site.

From the official FeedBurner site:

Question: What does this mean for FeedBurner’s partners, advertisers, and users?

Answer: We are excited to continue offering FeedBurner’s exceptional tools to content creators throughout the world, and our teams will work together to improve the experiences of feed users, advertisers, and publishers. Users can continue to sign up for FeedBurner’s services and take advantage of their feed tools and features immediately, and advertisers can continue to leverage FeedBurner’s media network to achieve their marketing objectives.

I recently moved all my feeds over to the new site and although for a while there I though I lost about 500 subscribers everything is back to normal. The transition is pretty easy, just login to your FeedBurner account and follow the instructions to move your feeds. If you don’t have a Google account you will need to sign up for one, otherwise login with your Google account. Depending on how many blogs and subscribers you have it may take a while to complete the move. Once your feeds are moved to the new site: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=feedburner&continue=https%3A%2F%2Ffeedburner.google.com%2Ffb%2Fa%2Fmyfeeds&gsessionid=H9jx8dN8Mhzf11cdXzjEBjsMb4Y9_pz5, you will then login to that site to check your feed stats. The site interface, from what I can tell, is the same as the old FeedBurner site.

Once you get the feeds moved you will now have a different feed URL for each blog, currently the new site is redirecting the old FeedBurner feed URL to the new one. But I strongly suggest that you check the new feed URL and make the appropriate changes on your WordPress blog or anywhere you have a link to the old feed, including any FeedBurner plugins you have installed. It seems the FeedBurner plugins are still working and the only change to them is where you “Burn” your feed. Don’t be alarmed if you login to the FeedBurner.Google site and see that your subscriber numbers are very low. As I said above, I thought I lost about 500 subscribers but in about 3 days all were back and then some.

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