What is SEO?

WordPress SEO Tutorial: What is SEO? Things to Know Before Making SEO

I’m very glad to meet you in the first article of WordPress SEO tutorial series. Everything on this earth is born with its own purposes and if you want to do something successfully, at least you should understand what are you doing? and what is its purpose? Making SEO likewise, basic things such as: what is SEO? features and other information should be known before making Search Engine Optimization. Then, this series of WP SEO tutorials come to solve one by one. Today in the first post, the necessary things that a SEOer should know will be covered. Now let’s go looking for answers.

What is SEO?

WordPress SEO Tutorial - What is SEO?
WordPress SEO Tutorial – What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is a process of practicing to enhance access number and visibility of a website on the results page of organic search engine (SERPs). Search engine optimization is divided into two basic parts: onpage and off-page optimization. The concept is quite simple but it is not sure that you did fully understand its benefits.

The benefit of SEO

Presently, information technology (IT) comes with rapid development, almost all sectors is applied with IT especially in the field of business. In order to search for products or services, users firstly will be on Google. Normally, people will only read the first page of search result, they are lazy to look at the 2nd page, and nobody is patience enough to read the 4th or 5th page. If your product is not on the first list, customers will buy other items there from your competitors. Then SEO takes over that mission, no. 1 in the search result is completely a possible thing – depending on your ability.

  • SEO helps increase your website ranking.
  • SEO helps increase traffic into your website.
  • SEO helps increase your potential customers.
  • SEO will help your brand more outstanding.

Things to know about WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Tutorial - Things to Know
WordPress SEO Tutorial – Things to Know

You have known what is SEO and its benifit. Do you know why should you make SEO for WordPress? WP is a great choice for your new site by the flexibility, easy to use and highly customizable features. However following truths about WordPress SEO, you should know to do a good job:

WordPress isn’t automatic SEO solution

As I mentioned above WP will not automatically ensure good Search Engine Optimization because:

  • The loading time is first factor for users to evaluate your site and also is important for them to get back next time. WP will probably slow down the website’s loading speed because it does not automatically provide cache. Users must install cache function for theirself such as: WP Super Cache plugin and W3 Total cache plugin to load website faster.
  • Next, the default setting of permalink was not optimized. Structure permalink default: http://example.com/?p=N is not a friendly url. Both users and search engines will not understand what is your website talking about if that default url is used.
  • By default, WP created external links by opening them in the same window. If the user open a link on your site, they will move out to a new website. In other words, you have just lost a reader, user, potential customer.
  • Creating a sitemap is an indispensable quality for search engine optimization. However, WordPress does not automatically create a sitemap XML.

Your theme is not automatically SEO friendly

One of the best things about WordPress is diverse choices of themes. The only way to make a site friendly with search engines is create hight quality contents to serve your users. Below is few things you need to consider to identify a good theme:

  • Speed: as I said above, the speed is key factor for success. You should look for a theme with the fastest loading speed.
  • Code: Sign of an amateur theme is voluminous codes that reduce loading speed and the possibility of SEO. A reliable theme with clean code should be put into your consideration.
  • HTML5: Now, most of themes are developed on platform HTML5 – best for SEO.
  • Responsive: A good theme is built to respond accordingly with all devices.

SEO experts usually use products of NooThemeThimPress, CurlyThemes and more. Besides, our WPArena has collected best WordPress themes which meet above requirements into particular lists. You can take a look around if you are interested. And here are some links:

And so much more.


Do not think that you will have a top ranking site only because you’re using WP. I hope this post in our WordPress SEO tutorial series will help you more understand about SEO, WordPress and know what is SEO?, the benifit of SEO and reasons you should make search engine optimization for WP. I will come back next week with article “Best Ways to Optimize SEO on WordPress“. You are invited to read it and see you then.


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