How To Properly Find for WordPress Support and Fix it

finding WordPress Support

I get a lot of emails and comments here on this site about WordPress, I also get a ton of questions about fixing problems and using WordPress in general. I would like to and try to help and answer all questions in either returning emails or comment on the various posts. I even use some of the questions for a WordPress guide post.

I will admit that I am not a WordPress technical guru, in fact, I am far from that. Why do you think the site is “for the geek impaired” because I too am somewhat impaired. But just because we don’t know something doesn’t mean we can’t learn something.

When I need answers to questions, about anything really, the first place I start is a Google search. OK, I hear you say “well DUH”. OK so where else can you go to find what you need? There are many good blogging forums, and a few good WordPress specific forums to get what you need.

The first forum I suggest is on Using a forum to find your answer can be as simple as using the search tool on the site. But if you need to ask a question be as specific as possible and use good grammar and punctuation. I see many pleas for help get ignored because you can barely understand the spelling and the questions are so general. Then the poster gets upset because nobody will answer the question “What is wrong with my blog”. And posts a nasty reply whining that they are getting ignored.

When asking a question help others help you by giving details of the problem or question, leave a link to the blog in question and always thank those who helped or tried to help.

Another great source for WordPress help is on the forum, but you had better use the search function here first because if you ask a simple question here chances are it’s been asked before and they hate answering the same questions twice. I find the information here to be top notch but the arrogance of some of the people here is hard to stomach at times. I see some answers like “if you need to ask you shouldn’t be trying to do it”. Yeah, real nice people there at times, but still a great resource for all things WordPress if you use the search function.

And then you can always Ask Jaz at wparena here and I will try to help, if I use your question for a post I will link to your blog.

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