How To Find WordPress Documentation Fast?

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Have you ever spent what seems like hours looking for information about WordPress code? Spending too much Google time and not enough time actually finding the correct WordPress information you are searching for? There is now a neat tool, actually a website, that can help you find what you are looking for fast.

The new site is called WPGist. This is a very simple tool with one function: quickly find WordPress Codex documentation for a function or template tag. So if you see a function in a theme and want to learn more about it just type it into the search box. It only searches and returns results from the WordPress Codex. For those of you unfamiliar with the WordPress Codex, it is the complete, ever evolving documentation of WordPress. It has everything from “Where To Start” to “Writing a Plugin” and everything in between. I will say that the reading is a bit geeky and not very newbie friendly.

So if you are into messing with your WordPress Theme or into the code and need quick answers check out support forums.

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