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Automatic WordPress Upgrade

I have stated in the past that if you are happy with the way your WordPress blog is then there is no need to try to keep up with all the WordPress upgrades. It seemed as if a new version was coming up every week for a while there and trying to keep up manually was just a pain. Now with the use of a plugin and the integrated options in version 2.6.1 it’s much less painful keeping WordPress up to date.

It seemed as if a new version of WordPress was coming up every week for a while there and trying to keep up manually was just a pain. Other issues like plugin compatibility were also factors and will be if you are still using a version prior to 2.5. But now with the use of the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin and the built-in automatic plugin upgrade it is much easier to keep your WordPress blog up to date. There may be some plugins left behind like Ultimate Tag Warrior so follow the steps below to make sure if something goes wrong you can fix it.

Download the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin and follow the instructions to upload and activate it. Then just click the link on the top of your dashboard to Click Here to Automatically Upgrade WordPress to latest Version. Follow the prompts and upgrade your WordPress blog.

Next is the tricky part go to Plugins and deactivate all of them, then use the option under every out of date plugin to upgrade automatically. After all plugins are upgraded, this is critical, activate only one at a time and check your blog before going any further. If anything goes wrong and the plugin screws up your blog you will need to deactivate it or if you can’t do that you will need to delete the plugin on your hosting account. The path is YourWordPressFiles/wp-content/plugins.

Don’t bother even trying Ultimate Tag Warrior on your 2.5.+ version of WordPress and some have experienced issues with Smart Update Pinger as well. There has been known issues with comments showing on the posts but not in the dashboard if you started with version 2.3. Adding a key to the database will fix the comments issue as shown on the WordPress forum.

Yes I will offer an upgrade service but can’t set an amount because of all the different configurations and plugins out there it would be impossible to set one price for all. So Contact Me and will look over your particular blog and get you a fair price.

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