Digital Marketing Trends To Get Into Bed With Right Now

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You might be on the lookout for marketing tips to get your business up and running or looking for a bit of inspiration. These days, there are so many different marketing trends out there that it can be hard to keep up with. But right now, there is a handful that you need to give consideration to. So let’s provide you with this one-stop-shop.

SEO A/B Split Testing

Ask any SEO company about this, and, no doubt, they will have this as one of their priorities, as should you! Split testing allows you to see the isolated variables that increase traffic to a given website. So you are able to take a specific approach to SEO. If you don’t think your website is optimized enough, SEO A/B split testing gives your site a deeper insight into what helps a business or a website make the most of its SEO potential.

Programmatic Advertising

Artificial Intelligence is climbing through the ranks as one of the most important tools. Programmatic Advertising incorporates AI so ads become automated. This gives you the opportunity to target specific demographics, which is essential if you run an eCommerce website that provides numerous types of products. Because the automation is fast and efficient, this results in higher conversion rates. The process boils down to somebody clicking on the web page, then the publisher of the page puts up the impression of the ad for auction. The advertiser that bids the most for this impression is able to display the ad, and when the customer clicks on the ad, boom!, it becomes a sale.


Personalized content is one of the few ways you can stand out in the modern world. The great thing about personalizing content is that because of information on consumer behavior in conjunction with software that does the job easily, you can create custom content in no time.

There are so many big businesses using personalization (a good example is Netflix that provides tailored recommended titles). But there are so many different ways that you can do this. In short, personalization is the key approach to generating that rapport with a customer.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram is one of the biggest ways to leverage influencer marketing. It’s a type of word of mouth marketing, and by using key leaders to present your message to the masses, whether it’s through YouTube or social media, it’s an authentic approach to getting your product out there. And getting this authenticity through influencer marketing means that you are likely to get higher conversion rates to your website because of one very simple thing, the truth.

Authenticity results in higher conversion rates, but also, approval ratings can shoot through the roof. Soon, it will start to integrate with Artificial Intelligence.

There is no need to “use your words” anymore. To improve the user experience, people can upload an image to a search engine. This means that people will get more specific search engine results, and as sites like Pinterest are jumping on board with this, if you can optimize yourself for visual search, you will naturally find a higher conversion rate.

The main categories, perhaps unsurprisingly, in terms of visual search include fashion, decor, beauty, travel, and so on. But if you are looking for ways to optimize your site in other methods, there are search engines like Google Lens, which recognizes landmarks and objects through a camera app, giving people the opportunity to find out about a painting, a building, or even a business card.

So even from the perspective of any standard business that doesn’t operate in a visual medium, optimizing their business card will help make life easier.

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Voice search has shot up so much these days. It’s quicker, and with the use of smart speakers, voice search can be a way to save so much time. By including voice search in your marketing strategies you can help put the customer in the driving seat. For example, Domino’s has allowed people to order through voice search without having to pick up the phone (or even go on their website).

Video Marketing

Quite possibly the most important marketing trend out there. Video is an easy way to improve conversion rates, but also, from the perspective of any consumer, watching a video of a product gives them a better idea of whether they want to buy it or not.

In addition to this, the video can become repurposed. For example, a video doesn’t have to just stay on YouTube, it can be embedded in a blog or can be transcribed so there is a text version of it.

Also, the transcripts can become a blog article or repurposed through the audio alone, turning it into a podcast episode. As a way to increase engagement through marketing campaigns, video thumbnails will help to improve your reach exponentially.

Omni Channel Marketing

It is the process of using multiple platforms to give your audience a comprehensive experience across all channels as possible. As easy as it is to get a social media account set up, blogs are written, or even apps developed, the trick is in presenting a consistent voice across all mediums. It’s not just about the social media channels or website, but it’s also about in-person, paper, even at the front of a brick and mortar store.

The big mistake that many companies make is going for so many different channels thinking they will cover so many different bases. But you can use personalization and AI to help your brand discover how demographics behave, so you can personalize at a more individual level.

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And these are just a handful. Digital marketing is such a vast subject there are so many different areas to cover. For all the marketing tips out there, it seems you’ve got to have one foot in the past and another in the future, while also being aware of the present. There are some great digital marketing trends to get into bed with right now, so try these.

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