How to Manage WordPress Users and Multiple Authors Profile

Running a multi-author web directory for articles, posts pages, or other content to your wordPress powered site, means you have different people writing on different topics or offering different perspective on the same topic. WordPress  designers and developers have extended the ability to manage [...]

WordPress Plugins and Themes with HTML5 fallback

Just like WordPress, HTML5 is becoming more and more popular everyday. Website powered by WordPress Themes and plugins which are based on HTML5 are more compelling. All modern browsers have already started implementing HTML5 features but some browsers have limited support for all HTML5 tags. If [...]

Creative Website Designs Powered by WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems among the web designers and developers. The greatest thing about WordPress is the possibility to create any kind of design that designer can imagine. Website owners  love because their ideas and imagination can be converted [...]

Excellent Portfolio Friendly WordPress Themes

WordPress is now making more than 20% websites on the internet because it provide a list of features and flexibility to create any kind of website from simple blog to full feature CMS platform. Specially Designers are creating mind blowing themes for their Portfolio. Today we are compiling a list [...]