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StarCeleb – Your Road to Stardom! by Centurise Media Theme Name: Regulus Theme URI: http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/regulus/ Version: 2.2 Description: Highly customisable headers and more. Author: Ben Gillbanks Author URI: http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/

Raceview Tavern

Theme Name: Raceview Tavern Theme Theme URI: http://raceviewtavern.com.au/ Description: Sandbox Template Version: 1.6 Author: Matt McNamee Author URI: http://baradesign.com.au

Who’s Lucy

Theme Name: Who’s Lucy Theme URI: http://www.baradesign.com.au Description: Who’s Lucy Author: Bara’ Design Author URI: http://www.baradesign.com.au

Cantinelle Festival

Cantinelle Festival :: 29 aprile 2010 – 30 maggio 2010 www.cantinellefestival.it Theme Name: CantinelleFestival Theme URI: http://www.webbografico.com Description: Custom Theme made by WEBBOgrafico for cantinellefestival.it Version: 1.0 Author: Enrico Bonardi

The Scientist (2010)

The Scientist (2010) Theme Name: Modularity Theme URI: http://graphpaperpress.com/ Description: A multimedia theme framework for WordPress by Graph Paper Press Version: 2.5.2 Tags: photography, one-column, two-column, theme options, minimal, widgets, white, portfolio, video, framework Author: Thad Allender License: GPL


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