Blogging To The Lowest Common Denominator


The saying goes “there are no stupid questions” OK if there are no stupid questions then what about the questions asked by stupid people? What are those supposed to be? And how do these people actually grow into adulthood without sticking themselves in the eye with a knife because nobody told them otherwise?

If you look through the posts here you will notice that there is very little opinion or commentary within it. Most all of the content here on wparena has been straight-forward, guides and tips. The only time my smart-ass, cynical, attitude shows is occasionally in reply to a question in the comments section of a post. I have kept most of my personality out of the site to appeal to a broad range of people and not to offend anyone.

My “real” job has dealt with the public in some type of technical or mechanical capacity for over twenty years. Teaching people how to do something or helping them troubleshoot a problem has to be done at times, in a very basic manner. One little thing that you may think would never be overlooked, even by the dumbest of the dumb, should not be bypassed. I used to work for a large window manufacturer, and a “contractor” who told me he had “installed thousands of windows in over twenty years” complained that a window was leaking. I asked questions on the phone and finally agreed to “have a look at it”. When I got to the house and asked where the leaking window was he pointing to the ceiling. Yeah, sorry skylights are for your roof, windows are for your walls, and I also suggest not using them in that glass bottom boat your building there either Einstein! I would have never thought to ask if the window was actually on a vertical wall or a sloped roof, but have ever since.

When I started this site and started writing guides about WordPress my intent was to keep it very simple for the beginning WordPress blogger. I did this because I found some of the basic answers to questions on one particular WordPress forum were not answered or the questioner was chastised for asking such a simple, stupid question. Now I fear I have turned into what I once loathed. But I will still try to keep my sunny disposition and answer questions and write guides for the lowest common denominator.

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