Blogging From A Cell Phone

blogging from a cell phone

Finding blogging topics has been a bit of a struggle for me lately, or perhaps I just don’t have the motivation and time I once did. So now I am playing with my latest toy, a Motorola Q9C smartphone.

I inherited the new phone from my daughter who got it just a few months ago when it was the latest and greatest. But when the next best thing came out, I think the HTC Touch Pro, she had to have it so she stole my upgrade and we switched phones.

So I am posting this with the phone and while I like all its features like getting an email, web browsing, navigation and the full keyboard. My fingers are getting tired this far into this post.

Blogging from a cell or smartphone may be a decent way of making short all text posts, but some of the more advanced features on the write post menu are not usable or just too cumbersome to use. But it may be something useful when out and about and an idea comes to you for a quick post.

Now WordPress default apps on Android and iPhone changed the way of Mobile Blogging. You must check these apps as well.

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