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One of the most difficult parts of creating a website is trying to come up with its design. Since it’s relatively easy to set up a website, it can be tricky to create one that has a unique style.

If you’re a struggling web designer then don’t worry we’re here to help, we’ve scoured the web for the best and most inspirational websites we could find. These sites have interesting and unique designs that will hopefully help spark your creativity when you’re designing your own brand.

Animal related Responsive WordPress Theme for Pets, Vets & Zoos Care


For animal lovers, here is the collection of WordPress Free and Premium themes , In this showcase, you will find the best animals & pets related WordPress themes which will be great for any pets and animal lover’s website. These WordPress Themes are consist of different features, so you can create your own personal eCommerce website, even you can integrate WooCoomerce features with responsive design and with other many customization options.

Finding Quality Illustrations in Depositphotos

Resort collage

logoIllustration is a kind of image that is very attractive for all ages, from kids to adults. It is often found that people prefer illustrations or cartoons than photos or real images. The use of illustration is also very important in some field of life such as art, education, entertainment, and business. The natural characteristics of illustration images (attractive and sometimes flashy) are very suitable for those fields.


Funny robot stay with green dollar sign | Stock Photo by Viktoriya Sukhanova
Image Credit :

If in the past people drew their own illustration or got it from professional painters, now in this digital era, people could easily get some catchy and interesting illustrations for various purposes in those fields mentioned above. There are a lot of illustration images available on internet to be downloaded for free or paid. Of course finding the free one is quite easy, but now the artists or illustrators also need something paid for their hard work and creativity. Thus, now it is normal to find most of great images are not available for free.

Amongst thousands or even millions of websites providing great illustrations, is one of the bests. Here, you can easily find a lot of quality illustrations based on your needs. Illustration is one of the most popular images in this website so you will not be surprised that Depositphotos’ illustration collection could reach over 1.3 million images. That is not all, because every time this category’s collection keeps increasing because of its popularity. That is why in the latest stock photos and images page, you can always see illustration type images dominates the list.


To find some illustrations in Depositphotos, you do not need to worry because the interface of this website is very user friendly. Besides using search function on top of the website, you can also find this kind of image by clicking illustration category in the site’s category page. More sub-categories are even available in the form of multiple tabs such as “Best Match”, “Best Sales”, “Downloads”, and “Most Popular.” So, it will be much easier for you to find illustrations that you need or look into illustrations that are popular.  More advanced options are also available on the left panel of this website. This option will give more choices for showing images based on your preferences. Detail choices could be selected here such as “Search by category”, “Search by contributor”, “File Type (Photos or Vector)”, “File orientation (Horizontal, Vertical, etc)”, “Image Size”, “Adult Filter,” and many more. The Adult Filter / safe search feature is the proof that Depositphotos does not only think about profit, but also care about providing a safe browsing environment for our children. Once you find the right illustration you could buy it with the credit or subscription.

With all those easiness and facilities that Depositphotos provides for all of its buyers and also potential buyers, no wonder that finding great illustration stock photo in this website could be done in no time. So, remember! If you need quality illustration images for any kind of purposes, be sure to check at first.

Premium and Free Fitness (Sports) WordPress themes


It is said that “Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful”. WordPress is changing the face of web presence for having a beatiful website to represent and publishing the  contents. There are a lot of choices out there for Sports related blogs and websites but selecting a WordPress  as a CMS and sports related theme for front end provide tremendous options.

if you have selected WordPress then you no longer need to worry about knowing the code, because the WordPress blogging software does the code part for you. When you log in to your WordPress blog, you have to do only two simple things to publish your thoughts, reviews and ideas about sports: How to create a WordPress Blog with your own Domain

This compilation is based on WordPress themes which have been used by sport Professionals. With Primium Themes , as well there is a list for Free WordPress Themes for sportsman and other physical fitness Professionals to present their website based on WordPress.

Specially if you have a client to run a Gym website that want to provide online  sports training and  to teach Gyms members how to keep up to date with latest techniques than following list would be very helpful for web designers and developers, check out this great collection of fitness related Websites which developed by using WordPress: Top Sports Blog on WordPress.

Following WordPress templates for your sports club website with care, taking in account all the things you will need to effectively run the Fitness website. There are many WordPress templates created for specific sports like soccer, golf, etc. while there are others that are designed to be suitable for all sports in general. In this article, we have collected a sizeable number of templates suitable for your sports club website.

Premium WordPress Themes for Fitness Blogs

Fitness: Unique design meets WordPress

Fitness WordPress Theme has unique split screen design. Left hand side keeps widgets and uniquely designed sections, right hand side is there for your content. Feel free to click through our demo site to see how impresive your presentation can be.

Other features worth to mention:

  • You can easily Backup all your data and admin settings
  • Easy Translation to any other language using WPML plugin.
  • Many portfolio layouts that can be used on any page.
  • Widgets ready sidebar & footer
  • Image & Template caching for better performance
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps integration
  • Custom CSS field for your own styles
  • Documentation and recent updates accessible directly from our wordpress admin panel
  • Theme is built on our robust MVC framework that means that HTML design is completely separated from other PHP . Making updates cannot be easier.

Live preview | Detail

Balance – Gym Fitness WordPress HTML 5 Theme

Balance is a Gym Fitness WordPress theme. It is a fully HTML 5 Valid theme, it comes with many features and has several home page options.

Live preview | Detail

GymBase – Responsive Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

GymBase is a gym fitness WordPress theme designed in a minimalist style. It has a responsive layout that looks great on mobile and tablet devices. The main point of focus is represented by home page slider which scales down automatically depending on your screen resolution.

Theme contains blog page with comments, filterable portfolio with details page, responsive timetable page, classes based on accordion page and contact page with map of location and working contact form.

Live preview | Detail

Fitness Premium WordPress Theme

Fitness is created primarily for a fitness club or gym, however the way we have created the theme it would work perfectly for many business types. With a full suite of page templates, short codes, galleries, post formats and color picker built in to change the entire look of the theme really it’s a simple process to make it perfect for a doctor, dentist, service or business theme.

Live preview | Detail

Freestyle Responsive WordPress Theme

Freestyle is an Adaptive theme designed for Desktop and Mobile phones. As an addition have Five Beautiful Content Example Pages that are ready to use to make your pixel perfect presentation. You can combine them in any way.

Live preview | Detail

Sport and Grunge – WordPress Shop & Newsletter

The Sport & Grunge WordPress theme is designed for websites in the skateboarding, surfing, or even music industries where a dirty grunge style theme is needed.

Live preview | Detail

eGamer WordPress Theme

eGamer from Elegant themes comes with video integration and in built rating system. It is available in 4 alternative color schemes. There are many preset templates for various pages and a huge collection of useful short codes. It supports automatic resizing of images and is ready for banner ads integration. It also supports gravatar and generation of custom thumbnails.

Live preview | Detail

Sportedge Theme Details

This is a great sports theme from Theme Fuse. It has a dynamic slider on the front page. The live scores can be integrated in the website and you can upload your own custom logo. The theme is compatible with most of the modern web browsers.
Live preview | Detail

Karma – Clean and Modern WordPress Theme

Karma is a Premium WordPress Theme built on a highly intelligent framework. It’s the only theme on Themeforest to feature the amazing new CU3ER v1 3D slider. Whether your a wordpress pro or just a beginner, you’ll have absolutely no problems at all working with this theme.

Live preview | Detail

Sportica – Responsive Sports News/Magazine

SPORTICA is a responsive, simplistic styled, neat and clean WordPress Theme for Sports News/Editorial/Magazine websites.

Simple and Clean Layout with Responsiveness makes this theme perfect to use in your WordPress Websites. This theme has custom Theme Panel for configuration and detailed documentation so that anyone can use it properly.

Live preview | Detail

Resportsive – Responsive Sports News Theme

A fully responsive sports news WordPress theme featuring a drag-and-drop homepage, eight custom widgets, dynamic social tools and much more! Resportsive gives you the look and feel of a major sports news outlet all in one easy-to-use and highly customizable theme!

Live preview | Detail

FitnessMag – Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme

FitnessMag is a premium WordPress theme (WP 3.4+ ready) created with minimal blogs and magazine sites in mind. The theme features a fully responsive design that will look great across various screen sizes and a design that is both modern and simple. Perfect for all sorts of blogs – such as fitness blogs – the theme is content-oriented, developed with SEO in mind and overall a great way to share your thoughts and media online.

Responsive: Fitnessmag is a responsive theme, which means it will resize it’s layout depending on the browser size the visitor is using. You can try be changing your browser size while viewing the preview or go ahead and scan the code below to check it out on your mobile device!

Live Preview | Detail

Free WordPress Themes for Fitness Blogs

Woman Health And Diet WordPress Template
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Fitness Vitality Workout WordPress Template
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Zen Yoga Fitness WordPress Template
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Weight Loss New Look WordPress Template
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Nature And Beauty WordPress Template
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Stretch Exercising WordPress Template
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Dieting: Free Fitness WordPress Themes
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Padre y Decano: Free Fitness WordPress Themes
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Explore Speedo: Free Fitness WordPress Themes
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Andy Roddick: Free Fitness WordPress Themes
Theme Preview | Theme Download

The Stockholm Arena: Free Fitness WordPress Themes
Theme Preview | Theme Download

Top Sports Blog on WordPress

How to Create Your Own Membership Site by Using WordPress

If you really want to earn money on-line than the easiest way is create your own Blog and start earning but at sometime point blogging can not give you enough money. So If you are interested to convert your blog into interactive website than develop a “Membership site” by using WordPress themes or plug-ins.
Having a membership website specially using WordPress, give you financial benefits along with repotition in the blogging market, instead of selling one time product, its better engage your site members for long run that give you recurring income stream.

On the following link you will find detail about how to create and why you should have a membership site for making money online.

How to Create a Membership site with WordPress

Hope by creating such kind of website, you can expand your aims and objective to attract more users by giving them exclusive membership option, can start paid forum, as well you can sell your design to paid subscribers.

WordPress Premium Content

Jigowatt’s WordPress Premium Content plugin allows you to easily set up a web site with content which is only accessible to users registered with an active PayPal subscription. You can easily manage your subscribers, change subscription prices and set up custom membership renewal options (annual, bi-annual or just month by month).

Live Preview | Detail

Restrict Content Pro – Premium Content Plugin

Restrict Content Pro is a complete subscription and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. Create an unlimited number of subscription levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage member’s and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members only content to your subscribers.

Live preview | Detail

WP-Membership Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that helps you sell your content; you only need to install the plugin, create a category for your private content, setup the prices of your memberships and your Paypal account. Don’t hesitate and purchase it today

You can easily select the posts you want to sell, manage the memberships you acquire and is fully integrated with Paypal. All you have to do is activate the plugin, setup your memberships and your Paypal account.

Live preview | Detail

Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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