Blogroll Renamed to Links in WordPress Version 2.5

blogroll in WordPress 2.5

What happened to the WordPress blogroll in version 2.5? It’s still there and, in my opinion, a better way. The blogroll in WordPress version 2.5 is now called Links and additional functionality has been added to better manage the categories you can place the links under.

Getting to the new Links menu is under Manage then the Links sub panel. To edit an existing link simply click the name of the link (not the URL) on the left to open it.

Adding new links categories as simple as ever now that it has its own sub panel that is also under the main Manage panel. You can even rename the default Blogroll category to what ever you want. I suggest you only place links in one category so they show only once in the sidebar under the specified category.

As I research WordPress Version 2.5 more the more I find to like. Although this site still operates on a few version removed from even 2.3.3 I know the time is coming and I have been contemplating the upgrade for this and my other blogs.

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