WordPress Version 2.3 Coming Soon

WordPress Version Updates

WordPress continues to improve and evolve. As some continue to customize WordPress with plugins, some of the more popular are getting bundled into WordPress.

Here is the latest from WordPress about the next release due out on September 24, 2007. Built in tagging options, improved Post and Draft Management using filters and upgrade notification within the dashboard.

Currently in development, scheduled for September 20, 2007

  • This hackers discusion on features

New User Features

  • Tagging
  • Improved Post and Draft Management using filters
  • WordPress Upgrade Available Notification

Developer / Power User Stuff

  • Terms tables (combined post categories/link categories/tags)
  • Upgrade to “800% times faster” jQuery (1.1.3), and replaces some parts of the WordPress dashboard have been converted to jQuery.
  • Several other bundled libraries were updated to the latest versions. TinyMCE is now at, Prototype is at 1.5.1, and script.aculo.us is at 1.7.1 beta 2. More updates to script.aculo.us and an update for TinyMCE Spellchecker are on the way.
  • The files in wp-admin were reorganized to make things easier to find.

Stay tuned here for the details…

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