WordPress for Newbies


If you run a blog or site, it can be difficult for beginners to know exactly where to start. There’s so much conflicting information out there and you have all of these programs at your disposal and no idea where to start. WordPress has proved to be one of the most influential resources for bloggers and websites across the web. This open sourced publishing is used by some of the biggest websites but knowing where to start is everything. WordPress is just one of those tools, such as SEO or quality content, that should be applied. Bloggers should learn more about anything that would make their efforts more productive and fruitful.

The simple fact is that users tend to employ too many superfluous plug-ins, most of which are redundant. Beginners aren’t to blame because they’re probably just unaware of what’s already built into the system. Knowing how to use it to better effect is essential and one of the most important things to know if you’re starting a WP blog knows about Permalinks. This is the “url” structure of your posts, which is customizable. This is one of the basics behind WordPress. The reason why it’s been so helpful is that you can make changes to the code and customize your site without changing core operations. This customizable option has made WP an incredibly versatile create and is useful outside of the world of blogging.

WordPress for Newbies

Other things you can use WordPress for include:

Directory Building

This is simply a listing of sites or categorized in some way. Some blog directories employ this

Create an Article Archive

If you have a lot of articles that have been online and you want to have a single place for all of them you can use WP to get scripts and programs and set one up. You can use your plug-ins and create an article directory from WP, which is a standard function.

Even if you’re not a tech guy you can take a bunch of old family photos or you’re a professional photographer running an online business selling your services. Many photographers pay huge fees for online photo managers when they could be doing the same thing for free by using WordPress. There are great plugins that are designed for showcasing and displaying images.

There’s a huge amount of things you can do in WordPress. It’s just another tool you should be using so if you’re not familiar with it, you might be amazed at what it could do for you and your blog.


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