Why and how to use the WordPress Theme Frameworks

To create a feature rich web application or blog, WordPress is the best Open source web software to develop custom websites. There are different ways to design a WordPress powered website, as you can start with an HTML template and then convert  that template into WordPress theme, or you can use basic WordPress coded themes like Bones, a WordPress Theme for Developers  although have Mobile-First & Responsive features but not a Framework.

WordPress theme Framework

WordPress theme Frameworks provide the most efficient way to develop customized WordPress themes. By utilising WordPress API, web developers can create a beautiful website or blog because it is relatively easy to use the open source web software (WordPress) to create the custom WordPress themes.

Developing a web site or blog with WordPress, there are different ways to start the project. For example, start to create a WordPress theme with an HTML template, or can start with the basic WordPress coding and then develop a theme on created design.  But the most easiest and efficient way is to begin with starter theme or with WordPress Theme framework and this considerably increase design and development performance. If you are frequently developing WordPress themes, then using the starter theme or Framework will save time, give you efficient development with built in community support and optimized CSS, HTML, PHP functions with WordPress standards. Once you decided to use the starter theme or WP Theme Framework, then all you have to create the WordPress child theme which will inherits the main functionality from the Framework or from the parent theme. Following are the very useful best, Free and Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks, Try them and then decide which one(s) work best for your projects.

Free WordPress Theme Frameworks

Thematic: A Free WordPress Theme Framework

A Guide To Customizing The Thematic Theme Framework
Beginner’s Guide to the Thematic Framework for WordPress
Thematic Theme Framework: A Powerful Alternative For A WordPress Makeover
WordPress: How to easily create a Thematic child theme
Ode – Thematic: A WordPress Theme Framework

Gantry: Web Platform Theme Framework

Getting Started with Gantry for WordPress
How to Use the Gantry Framework for WordPress
WordPress & The Gantry Framework
How to Create a Basic WordPress Theme with Gantry Framework
RocketThemes Gantry Framework for WordPress is kind of Interesting!

Hybrid:  WordPress Theme Framework

A guide to Hybrid
Featured WordPress Theme: Hybrid
Hybrid WordPress Theme
WordPress Hybrid framework – get latest version from SVN
5 Reasons to Use the Hybrid Framework for WordPress
10 Reasons to use the Hybrid Framework for WordPress

Whiteboard: WP Theme Framework

About the Whiteboard Framework for WordPress
Whiteboard – powerful WordPress framework
WhiteBoard WordPress Theme

Ashford: WordPress Framework

Getting Started Step by step instructions

Carrington: CMS theme platform for WordPress

How To Install The Carrington Theme Framework
The Carrington Framework Q&A, Part II

Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks

Thesis Theme Framework

Installing Thesis Theme for the First Time
Thesis Theme SEO Tutorial
Thesis Tutorial – Hooks for Dummies
How to insert Ads in Thesis theme
How to add A clickable Logo in Thesis Theme
Social Sharing Buttons in Single Post Templates
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Genesis WordPress Theme Framework

How to Install WordPress + StudioPress Genesis Theme Framework
WordPress Themes – Genesis Framework Review
6 Reasons I Use the Genesis Framework
What are child themes? Introduction to theme frameworks and child themes in general from StudioPress.
Introduction to Hooks
Genesis Hook Reference
Genesis Filter Reference
Genesis Shortcode Reference
Visual Markup Guide
Sample Genesis Child Theme

Advanced Genesis Tutorials

Creating a custom template in Genesis
Adding a Widgetized Area to Genesis Corporate theme
Excellent Genesis Video Series from The WordPress Chick
Create a Landing Page with Genesis
Changing Footer Text in Genesis
Detailed review of Genesis
Genesis Vs. Thesis
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How to Add a Logo to the Header

Child Theme for Genesis Framework

AgentPress Child Theme for Genesis Framework
Going Green Child Theme for Genesis Framework
Enterprise Child Theme for Genesis Framework
Lifestyle Child Theme for Genesis Framework
Sleek Child Theme for Genesis Framework

PageLines – A Professional Website Platform for WordPress

PageLines WordPress Theme Framework – Presentation 
PageLines Drag & Drop Framework For WordPress – A First Look
PageLines Free WordPress Theme
PageLines Platform Pro WordPress Theme Framework Review
PageLines Video Tutorials:
How to Use Pagelines v2.0: a WordPress Theme Framework
How to Add a Custom Image Header to iBlogPro3
Custom CSS with Firebug
How to Use Pagelines 2.0 WordPress Theme Pagelines Framework 2.0

UpThemes Framework

The Official UpThemes blog
How to: Integrate the UpThemes Framework into ANY WordPress Theme
UpThemes Framework Typography Panel Screencast
Theme options plugins & frameworks for WordPress
WordPress Themes Using UpThemes Framework

Blue Box WordPress Theme – Business Framework

The Page Builder makes it a one-click job to configure your layout structure, and page content.

With an easy-to-use drag and drop drop interface you can add unlimited number of layout elements, configure their presentation – as each element comes with its specific options to play with. Resize each element to make it display as a single to four columned element on the layout.

You can configure a more generalized look of your website from the Theme Options panel. This will affect all pages on your website. If you want dig deeper into customization – no problem. You can define the layout structure for yout Portfolio and Blog pages from the Theme Options panel as well.

Live preview | Detail

Obox Mobile – WordPress Mobile Framework

Obox Mobile is a Mobile Framework that will seamlessly convert your WordPress site into a mobile friendly experience when people visit it via their phones.


As with all our themes, Obox Mobile is packed with some pretty rad features including:

  • Touch operated feature post slider
  • Automatic orientation adjustment
  • Menu management
  • Search bar
  • Commenting (including threaded comments)
  • Logo uploader
  • Background uploader
  • Advert management for mobile
  • Theme switcher
  • Automatic upgrades

Live preview | Detail


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