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BuddyPress is a collection of WordPress MU plugins designed for social networking, it helps to extended profiles, private messaging, friends lists, groups, a messaging system and an activity stream similar to the status update facilities on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. BuddyPress cannot be used in a single-server version of WordPress.

Nowadays lots of developers experimenting and writing about BuddyPress. Today I am compiling a latest list of excellent Pluings (included in BuddyPress pack), hacks and Tutorials.

Hacks and Tutorials


1. How to Customize YourBuddyPress URL

These are simple instructions on how to customize the slugs for BuddyPress, that will boost SEO and improve your site usability.

2. Adding Sign in With Twitter to a Buddypress Site

This is well explained tutorial on configuring BuddyPress to allow users to sign in using their Twitter usernames and passwords with the help of the Twit Connect plugin.

3. Enabling Twitter Avatars Within BuddyPress

By using the Twit Connect plugin help you to add a new function which enables Twitter avatars on regular WordPress blogs.

4. BuddyPress Hack: Remove New Member Registration From Activity Stream

5. BuddyPress Hack: Disable Activity Stream Comments/Favorites For Certain Types

6. What Are Parent and Child Theme?

7. Simple BuddyPress Guide

BuddyPress plugins

There are nine plugins in the base BuddyPress suite. Each one can be used to add a social feature to your Social Networking site. By default, all BuddyPress components are enabled. You can selectively disable any of the components by using the BuddyPress Component Setup page.

Extended Profiles:

This allows you to create extra profile fields, which can be filled in by the members.

Private Messaging:

This allows members to contact each other directly. There are private messaging plugins for WordPress and also for BuddyPress. Rather than confusing your users with multiple places to send/receive PMs, I recommend testing each plugin and using the one that you feel best suits your site.


This allows members to maintain friend lists, as they would on sites such as Facebook or MySpace.


This allows members to create groups where they can post images, links, and blog posts. For example, Wicca practitioners could create a group to share spells, and Slayers from Los Angeles could have a group where they would share tips and news.

The Wire:

This plugin works like walls on other social networking sites. You can add a wire to a page or component, and users will be able to post messages to that page.

Activity Streams:

This plugin tracks member activity across the site. A member’s activity stream will show new posts they have made, changes to their profile, and changes to their friends list. Members will also be able to keep up to date with their friends’ activities via their stream.

Blog Tracking:

This feature aggregates all of the blogs, blog posts, and comments created by a specific member, making it easier for people to keep up with the blogging activities of their friends.


This component allows groups to create and manage their own forums, using the existing bbPress plugin.

Status Updates

Allow users to post status updates.

For Download visit The BuddyPress Community | Visit plugin site

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