10 Giant Sites That Are Too Simple On WordPress But Still Gives A Good Result

Giant Sites Built on WordPress

Entrepreneurs will do anything to keep their business running. The best option is to keep your website on a convenient and easy-to-use Content Management System CMS. WordPress is the best one for all types of businesses with the most easily updated CMS.

WordPress is Free and many criticize that how can a Free CMS provide the best service for a commercial project? We all know Free platforms are limited to certain features unless you upgrade to premium. There’s another claim that WordPress isn’t secure, it can be hacked, and rumors have it many websites have been hacked.

It’s pretty evident that if WordPress is not that up-to-the-mark then why do the big corporations are still using it? It’s not just one brand or website, WordPress runs 30% of the entire Internet. Crazy isn’t it? In this blog, we will put an end to all these hypes and degrading myths about WordPress. To support our stance we will discuss 10 giant websites that run on WordPress to ensure its reliability.

1. GoDaddy

Among the first in our crusade, you’ll be surprised to know the most prominent Domain Hosting Website “GoDaddy” is powered by WordPress. Not just GoDaddy but GoDaddy Garage as well. It’s a blog posting integrated side of GoDaddy which is devoted to supporting webmasters and small/medium-sized business owners.

Imagine a website as big as GoDaddy utilizing the services of a free CMS for its Blog websites GoDaddy Garage, sounds peculiar, doesn’t it? But with over 17 million customers globally, GoDaddy has managed to cash approx. 75 million domain names under its umbrella all on the infamous WordPress. WordPress is so unique that it helped people to build a name and a professional platform for GoDaddy customers to easily maneuver.

2. Microsoft and the Skype Blog

Fascinated by the title? We were surprised as well since the market leader Microsoft powers the whole of Skype Blog on WordPress. If you’ve been aroused by the layout and design of the famous Skype Blog, then that’s all thanks to WordPress themes.  The team of Skype Blog updates the websites numerous times every week making the use of WordPress more often.

It’s safe to say WordPress is being used to its fullest by the company, keeping in mind its possibilities. Multiple paid CMS is present, yet Microsoft decided to create its Skype Blog platform on WordPress. While so far no one can complain about its design and accessibility.

3. The Walt Disney Company

I’m sure since childhood one name should be imprinted in all our minds when it comes to cartoons. That is Disney. If you haven’t heard of The Walt Disney Company, then there is a chance either you are from outer space, or you have been hibernating for a millennium. Who knew the global giant uses WordPress to create its innovative website filled with wonders of joy and excitement.

The site features cartoons, animations, bright colors just the way Disney loves it. The Walt Disney Company aims to showcase its roots through the use of its modified and simple website with the help of its brands and products. The site itself is a treat for all, engaging consumers to the fullest.

4. TechCrunch

If you are looking for some startup company’s inspiration, then TechCrunch cannot be left alone. It’s the biggest name in the market. The website itself is robust enough to attract consumers to increase viewership. There are very few websites which have such a user-friendly interface without compromising on technicalities behind it. TechCrunch is one of them and has based its platform on WordPress made it stand out.

The wireframe of the website is accessible for all, and multiple blogs are continuously placed on the landing page making readers aware of all the happenings while going through some other art piece. WordPress has managed and done it all.

5. NBC Sports

This website doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a whole platform in itself. NBC is a big name in the news market, and in the USA it has a big market share. Multiple users look up to NBC Sports for its sports features and columns as USA citizens have a craze for Basketball and Football. Imagine the number of Americans using NBC Sports.

The recent NBC Sports coverage of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs viewership accounted for 761,000 Viewers. Imagine the amount of crowd and traffic of the website and that too is based on WordPress. The sole reason to opt for WordPress is to maintain the salient features it offers without a hassle. It’s easy its sharp it’s approachable and interactive. WordPress is a jack of all trades. NBC has its subset website where the youth is targeted on their College Football Talk. NBC based its subset College Football Talk on WordPress, generating terrific content.

6. Microsoft and the Windows Blog

Earlier we discussed how Skype Blogs are based on WordPress. Microsoft played it smart by having its Windows Blogs made on WordPress as well. Windows Blogs took a slight bump on the Alexa ratings, but it still has managed to stay sharp through the use of the WordPress CMS. Microsoft plays a big role in keeping a check on its subsidiary websites.

That is why the CMS website is updated and maintained on a regular basis providing niche content for the users. Who knew a website as big as this, is being powered by a simple and free CMS.

7. Enterprise Magazine UK

What is WordPress known for? Its simplified platform which makes robust websites? Yes! That’s how WordPress changed the way Enterprise Magazine UK displayed its content. The website posts many travel tips and guides for automobiles. Since the website is more towards reviews, WordPress catered to all the designing and coding towards its indifferent pages and content management.

That is why WordPress allowed the website to be user-friendly on mobile.

8. SONY PlayStation

Big names like Sony PlayStation is also on the same Bandwagon generating loads of data out of which some might be sensitive to the audience. But thanks to WordPress, the company produces its own data and no one accepts the company or WordPress can temper with your bytes.

Being a simple platform WordPress has evolved the way SONY PlayStation showcases its blogs and content appealing to multiple users all across the targeted market.

9. Time Magazine

Among the many brands and established magazines, Times Magazine has lived its life being a giant in the news and international affairs market. Name the genre and TIMES magazine will have it on its online edition. TIMES is known as the most authentic website and magazine when it comes to news of the globe.

According to Times Magazine; All the new web content is created on WordPress. Imagine the prospects which WordPress offers being a simple CMS free tool. TIMES is a big brand and is known to be international. It satisfies the fact that WordPress is no ordinary CMS.

10. Bloomberg

Last but not least Bloomberg Professional Services is a place for creative minds who are connected through the dynamic network of news and information which Bloomberg offers.  The core concept of Bloomberg is to deliver and provide news, data through pioneering technologies swiftly and accurately across enterprises.

Thanks to being based on WordPress Bloomberg’s content is managed efficiently. The theme itself is engaging and alluring integrating all social media platforms under one roof making it user-friendly and easily maintained. You can multitask through a wide range of features and get around the numerous ways to manage content and change themes.


The concept of “Free” is always a blessing and is always limited to a certain extent since it’s a free ride for anyone.

Many fail to conceptualize their true potential and fail to utilize it to the fullest. But WordPress offers much more than it takes from the marketer. It’s a whole new field with universal themes of your choice to fit your criteria. That is why hundreds of websites globally use WordPress. Big names Such as Microsoft and Sony are based on WordPress making us think of its value.

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  1. Thanks for list of giant sites that are powered by WordPress. Techcrunch and Times are the best example WordPress manages large content and huge traffic.

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