Best Solutions To Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

Best Solutions To Create Mobile ready WordPress Blogs

Are you planning to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly? If you haven’t decided yet, then must think about it and take a serious step as Google’s latest update of ‘mobilegeddon’ is effective since April 21st, 2015. So, if you want to protect your site from any sort of Google punishment, then go with mobile-friendly version. It is an absolutely right & lucrative decision to add a mobile-ready blog into the WordPress site, otherwise be ready to get dropped search engine ranking.

Why Is It Important To Pay In-depth Attention to ‘Google Mobile-Friendly Update’!

There is a great use of tablets and smartphones among people of different age groups to read the blogs and articles that have reached millions. Google gives incredibly seamless experience to the visitors. Thus, to understand this significance, Google announced its latest mobile-friendly update. No doubt, blogs own almost 30% mobile traffic and that you can figure out easily through the Google Analytics.

None of us wants to lose the web traffic because it is essential to increase the visibility. If you run a website with non-mobile friendly blogs, then your chances to lose maximum mobile visitors are quite high. Creating this is an easy task, so let’s explain it via this post that will help you understand how to turn your WordPress blog into mobile-ready.

Choose Mobile Friendly WordPress Powered Theme From Reliable Source

The very first and effective solution is to pick any responsive theme built with WordPress. This approach will ensure the accessibility of your blog section across hand-held devices integrated with multiple screen sizes. Indeed, these themes provide help in loading blogs on multifarious screen resolutions with a uniform appearance.

A number of modern themes are available free of charge, so pick any one of them suitable your requirement. If your budget allows you to spend, then you may select a premium theme and make your site well-organized in all the manners.

Try To Customize Responsive Blog Theme

Though you use the responsive theme for your blog, but still you might feel to make it more responsive. For this purpose, the best way is to use CSS media queries, because such media queries help you modify the properties of the theme in accordance with the requisites of the device. The easiest media query forms always need manifold styles for distinct screen compatibility using the following markup:

<link href=”printstyle.css” type=”text/css” media=”print” rel=”stylesheet”/>
<link href=”screenstyle.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” rel=”stylesheet”/>

With this code, you will get varied style sheets and all of them will allow your blog to get loaded on distinct devices and their multiple screens.

You Can Take Advantage Through Plugins

Many stunning WordPress plugins enable you to access the theme according to the device. Thus, you can start using these plugins and make sure that your selected mobile-ready theme is loading smoothly or not especially when your customers/new users access it via multiple mobile devices while going through your blog.

Here are a Few Prominent WordPress Plugins that you must Consider to Create Mobile Friendly Blogs:

It’s the premium plugin of WordPress used widely to transform WP websites & blogs into different mobile device compatible themes. Setting it up quickly is possible and even you don’t need to perform massive customization to get the appropriate use. It comprises pre-loaded mobile-ready themes that enable you to do modifications into the basic color schemes and styles of already created mobile themes. Furthermore, this premium plugin holds 4 mobile starter themes, style manager, etc.

Being a recognized plugin, WPTouch is used worldwide for optimizing the blogs and enables them to be used by all the mobile users. It’s free of cost plugin and available at WordPress official site to download. Comes with a myriad of beneficial features, it looks like an elegant mobile theme, supports automatically mobile devices and lets the visitors view the blog on different platforms. For more & advanced features of this plugin, you can opt for its premium version for better results.

It is another remarkable plugin loaded precisely with plenty of cutting edge features and functionality that are helpful to optimize WordPress blog for smooth accessing on almost all popular smartphones. Mobile Switcher is a fruitful feature incorporated in WP Mobile Edition plugin, which detects the capability of the site, whether it can be viewed uniformly by the mobile users or not. According to this, it automatically switches your blog theme (which is for the desktop users only) to the mobile-ready theme. It also comes at free to install at

Final Words

Many options are out there to convert a WordPress blog into the mobile-friendly theme, so pick the most beneficial solution that is simple and competent to fulfill several business needs efficiently. After turning to the mobile-friendly theme, you must test it on the tool provided by Google, named Google mobile-friendly test tool.

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have a blog but was unable to make it into a
    responsive website.Now I know what needs to be done. Thanks David :)

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