All you need to know about ethical hacking

Ethical Hacking

Today one worldwide phenomenon which has proved to be a revolutionary in the IT sector is Hacking. People who have the technical know-how to manipulate the data and control the networks with the intention of stealing and breaching sensitive data are known as hackers. Shehnaz who offers assignments to help Australia with TFTH says that all of us need to understand that hackers don’t necessarily have malicious intent. So, here in this article, we’ll discuss with you everything that you need to know about hacking and ethical hacking.

What is Hacking?

In simpler terms, hacking means trespassing into the data. Now, this could be for good reasons and the bad. Thus, the primary factor of distinction lies in the intent of the hacker.

What is ethical hacking?

Technically regarded as penetration testing, ethical hacking is deployed as a tool all around the world to deal with cybercriminals. The key reason for ethical hacking is protecting sensitive data.

Sheeba who works with TopAssignmentExperts and gets repeated do my accounting homework requests from people across the globe says if you are not an ethical hacker, you are an unethical one. Such a hacker works with an agenda of stealing important files, data or software from a third party, without authorization.

Generally speaking, there are three types of hackers. These include:

  • Black Hat Hacker
  • White Hat Hacker, and
  • Grey Hat Hacker

Let’s study a bit about them, one by one.

Black Hat Hacker

Black hat hacker or an unethical hacker will misuse the data without any agenda or reason. His primary motive behind hacking is creating chaos. The basic and the immediate need for cybersecurity is doing away with the Black hat hackers.

White Hat Hacker

The software engineers who perform hacking for all the good reasons are known as the white hat hackers. They function respecting the rules and the policies stated by the corporate structures and the business houses. So, another name for an ethical hacker is the white hat hacker.

Grey Hat Hacker

Grey Hat Hackers are a blend of the white and the black hat hackers. Tripti who works with EssayWriter4U which is a fantastic platform to buy custom college essays online says that grey hat hackers mostly hack for the fun of it. They do not necessarily have bad intentions and hack without wanting to damage or hurt people and systems.

Who is an ethical hacker?

Ethical hacker is a person who hacks into a system with prior permissions to determine the vulnerabilities of the system. Hacking helps ethical hackers fix these vulnerabilities before any unethical hacker takes advantage of it.

Most larger organizations perform ethical hacking as a routine procedure on their systems. So, the role of an ethical hacker includes:

  • On a regular basis, organizations are under constant pressure to secure their important data from external as well as the internal system dangers. So, an ethical hacker will step up and take precautionary measures to protect it against such risks and threats.
  • Sarah who works with PaperDoers and offers research paper writing service online says that ethical hackers are experienced professionals who attain authorization from the organization or company that they work for. So, with the requisite permission of the authority, they assault on the system. They’ll work to unlock all the plausible methods to prevent every potential vulnerability.
  • Ethical hackers work with framework threats to repair the damage and prevent potential attacks.

The procedure of Ethical Hacking

Step 1

In order to carry out ethical hacking, you need a detailed step by step plan. Before carrying out the infiltration test, you need permission from the organization or the concerned authority and this is the most critical aspect in every ethical hacking procedure.

Step 2

Once the first step is complete, the ethical hacker will deploy all the filtering systems. This is done to identify any open ports on the system. Honestly, it is pretty easy for a malicious hacker to scan your computers and perform illegal attacks. Black Hate Hackers make use of this strategy to conduct many large-scale attacks.

Step 3

In the next step, the ethical hacker will have to choose the tools that he’ll use for conducting specific tests on the network. These are massively sensitive tests which must be performed accurately in order to avoid any unnecessary damage to the system.

Step 4

Depending on the outcome you get in Step 3, the hacker will do arrangements to counter these attacks. Once that’s done, the ethical hacker will reach out to the organization with the details on their security and prevailing potential threats. He will also suggest ways and means combat these threats.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teaching Ethical Hacking

Every coin has two sides. Aadesh Srivastava who recently took a financial modeling course from TrumpLearning says that educating an individual about all the aspects of hacking with an agenda of not maliciously using this learning can prove to be incredibly useful. However, it can also prove to be a major threat and danger if the person employs this learning with bad intent.

Technology around us is constantly developing and evolving. Thus, operating frameworks must be developed to keep up with these changes in the systems. So, whenever hacking is taught to the students it must be done with the intent of ethical hacking only. In addition to this learning, students must also be taught to differentiate between good and bad hacking. This is necessary to ensure that they never misuse their knowledge even in the future.

Application of Ethical Hacking by the SMEs

Sameer who recently did an excellent SEMRush Review says that today even the SMEs are required to take necessary actions in order to prevent malicious hacking in their systems.

This is because:

  • The small and medium-sized enterprises are also prone to higher level cyber-attacks because of the massive degree of data that is stored in their systems.
  • Because of the absence of necessary preventive measures, a lot of confidential information gets leaked within the organization.

So, we would like to conclude by saying that hacking can either be used sensibly or misused maliciously. It is important to use our learning only in a manner that is beneficial for society at large.

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