Top 4 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Albums

Top WordPress Plugins For Social Media Albums

Have you ever wondered how to build a WordPress web gallery in a minute?
As a person that has blogging and web design experience, I personally understand the pain when it comes to building a web gallery. The steps are more than simple and the time is forever. Let’s name a few:

  1. Discovery of relevant photos for my web gallery;
  2. Editing and cropping of the photos for optimal dimensions and website loading speed;
  3. Hosting for the photos;
  4. Manual update and gallery maintenance;
  5. Problems with device sizes and responsive look.

Well, some or all of the above steps and problems are solved by WordPress plugins that help users to generate albums from their social media accounts, With these plugins, they can very easy and quickly display social media albums on their website. Related to this, the problems for fresh and updated photos in a web gallery are solved, no more hosting of the photos and no more cropping or optimizing for the web.

Top Plugins For Social Media Albums

Top Plugins For Social Media Albums
The Top 4 plugins that can display social media photos on your website are the following:

1. Feed Them Social

This is a popular WordPress plugin for generating social media galleries. It offers various options for customization and it supports almost all social media platforms.

This plugin is more focused on displaying social media feeds rather than social media photo galleries. The features that are available with this plugin, are the following:

  • View photos and videos from your Facebook Page, Group, Album Photos, Album Covers or Event
  • Add as many social feeds as you need! Display social feeds on any post, page, or sidebar!
  • Easily generate all the shortcodes you need for any feed with our SUPER SIMPLE shortcode generator.
  • Responsive Social Feeds.
  • Customize Font Colors.
  • Add Like and/or Follow Buttons above or below any feeds.
  • With the Premium Extension, you can set how many posts, pictures, tweets, or videos for each individual social feed! Facebook Groups now has the option to hide the Title or Description too!
  • Facebook and Instagram feeds now have Load More Button and Infinite Scroll features available in Premium Version and they are mobile friendly.

If you need more information about this plugin,  follow the links below:


2. EmbedAlbum

The EmbedAlbum plugin is part of EmbedSocial, a platform for digital marketers and it is one of the most professional WordPress plugins for displaying social media albums on a website.

The primer focus of the EmbedAlbum is to serve as a gallery substitute and it focuses on improving with offering photo related features and not solely social media post feeds.

The platform helps non-technical users with options to use WP shortcodes or embeddable codes for any other website, despite the CMS platform used to build the website.

This PRO plugin has multiple options and it offers the following features:

  • Supports Facebook, Instagram albums and Twitter hashtag photos;
  • It has the option to display only the user photos posted on a Facebook page;
  • Offers responsive and Lightbox layout;
  • Generates gallery from selected Facebook albums;
  • Option for importing albums, automatically;
  • Unlimited albums for a single account;
  • Auto update option;
  • Slideshow display of the photos;
  • Option to turn on display of photo captions;
  • Customization settings of the album view;
  • Offers a Developer API.

The platform offers a free version so users can use the Facebook album option for free. Additionally, the complete platform features are available in a free trial package.

If you need more information about this plugin follows the links below:


3. Facebook Feed

Similar like the Feed Them Social plugin, the Facebook feed plugin is an option for users that want to display social media photos in a feed layout and also grab the Facebook photo albums from a specific Facebook page. It is offered as a standalone plugin, and if users need to display Instagram feeds they will need to use the Instagram Feed WD plugin.

  • Responsive layout
  • Page feeds and public Group feeds
  • Auto-update for feeds based on provided time interval
  • Unlimited display of Facebook feeds per page/post
  • Custom display for descriptions, comments, likes and shares
  • Page information (Page Plugin) display
  • Full-width and custom dimension lightbox support
  • Detailed event display with featured image
  • 15 lightbox effects
  • Top Level and Stream type comment display
  • Load More and pagination options
  • Facebook redirection option
  • Facebook WD simple shortcode for inserting to page and posts
  • Facebook feed widget
  • Profile Feed
  • Specific content feeds, where you can choose to display only single type of content (photos, videos, albums, events )
  • Advanced lightbox with comments and filmstrip for lightbox
  • Themes to change styles and colors for each view
  • Multiple layouts – album view for albums, masonry and thumbnail view for photos/videos, BlogStyle and thumbnail view for events
  • Social sharing for feed to Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook

If you need more information about this plugin follows the links below:


4. Srizon Facebook Album

This plugin grabs Facebook albums or whole galleries from your Facebook Profile or Facebook Page and displays them on your website as albums and galleries. You can add as many albums and galleries as you want. It will generate the shortcodes automatically which you can copy/paste into your post or page.

List of features:

  • Responsive
  • Lightbox
  • Support for the free version through forums and for the PRO version – for the first website;
  • Auto syncing;
  • Use on unlimited website
  • Sorting images and images caption
  • Exclude some albums from gallery (for example timeline photos)
  • Supporting Facebook pages and profiles


Wrap Up

Hope, you like our small collection of Top WordPress Plugins for Social Media Albums. Displaying a Web Gallery on your WordPress site using these plugins had never been easier. If you think, we missed an important plugin, Please don’t hesitate to comment in the comments section below.

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