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WordPress Multisite is meant for Blog networks, Newspapers and magazines like Le Monde, Universities like Harvard and used by professionals. This mix is rarely seen in any other open source platforms.

After the five minute installation, most users immediately feel comfortable in the WordPress MU administration panels. Writing a post and organizing categories is as simple as it should be.

The whole WordPress MU installation consists of putting the files on the server and setting the assigned database, and it is very easy to back up or move it to another server.

WordPress MU and its plugins can be upgraded with a click of a button; all this makes the job of maintaining a WordPress MU website or even several at the same time. Here you will find WordPress MU Premium and Useful Plugins for your Blogs and Websites based on WordPress MU.

1. Content Monitor

Especially useful for keeping an eye on student blogs, or sploggers, or just people putting inappropriate content onto your site.

2. Edublogs.org


Edublogs is not only one of the largest WPMU sites on the web with hundreds of thousands of blogs and users, but it’s also one of the oldest… pre-dating even WordPress.com by around three weeks.

3. Site Generator Package


Support for this plugin is provided at premium.wpmudev.org/forums. A valid WPMUDEV Premium subscription is required.

4. Ozh Who Sees Ads


Allows you to show ads (or any other content) on your site to users based on whether they are logged in, regular users, coming from search engines etc. – just like they do at wordpress.com

5. Invite

Allow your users to invite – via email – their friends and colleagues to check out their blog and sign up at your site!

6. Forums

This plugin allows each blog to have one or more forums that can be created by dropping a special code into a post or page.

It’s incredibly simple — just drop this plugin into the specified folders and then your users can create forum via their new ‘Forums’ tab

7. Custom Content Dashboard Widget

This plugin allows you to easily add a widget full of custom content to user dashboards.

8. Recent Comments

This plugin allows you to display a list of recent comments on your main blog.
Yes, that’s right, not just regular recent comments – but recent comments from across the entire site.

9. Blog Activity

Collects data on how many blogs were updated in the past “hour”, “day”, and “month”. Also displays how many posts and comments were made over the last “hour”, “day”, and “month”.

10. Signup Tos

New versions of the Signup Code and Signup TOS plugins are now available. These new versions add proper BuddyPress support to both of these plugins.

11. Comment Indexer

This plugin indexes all comments into a global table that can be queried for lists of recent comments, or whatever else you want to do with them!

12. Signup Password

This plugin allows users to choose their own password during the signup process. If they do not wish to enter a password a random one will be generated.

13. Dashboard Feeds

Dontcha just love the way your users get to read all about the latest developments in the world of WordPress?
We thought this plugin makes it super-duper simple to replace those feeds with your own!

14. 100 Big Ones

This is the latest and greatest version of Farms 100 big ones theme pack, bugs squashed, theme code fixed up, themes enhanced.

15. Upgrades

This plugin is a big one as it allows users to purchase credits (through seamless paypal integration), and subscribe to packages enable extra features.

16. Multi db

The standard WordPress MU installation requires only one database – which is great for hobbyists or people just looking to host a few dozen or few hundred sites.

17. Post Indexer

This is one heck of a powerful plugin as it indexes all posts on your site into a global table that can be queried for lists of recent posts, etc.

18. Avatars

Allows users to upload both a ‘user avatar’ and a ‘blog avatar’ via a simple upload and crop mechanism in their blog backend.
These avatar can then be displayed as a widget in their sidebars, on any comments they leave around the site and in blog and user listings around the site.

19. Comment Form Text

This plugin allows you to easily add and manage text, php code or javascripyt in in the comment form area of every blog.

20. Dashboard Widgets Order

This plugin allows you to fairly easily customize the default order of the dashboard widgets.

This is useful when you want to have your custom dashboard content nice and prominent or remove some of the other elements.

21. Mass Mailer

This plugin allows you to send a mass email to your users. Originally authored by Inviz. His site sadly seems to be unavailable now. This plugin incorporates some fixes posted on the WPMU Forums by Quenting and removes “spam” from being displayed.

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