What Is a Custom Software Installation and Its Best Practices?

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Custom software installation is the installation of custom software carried out by the software development team responsible for creating it. It is different from packaged software installation in that packaged software is either installed by third-party contractors or internal company personnel. This is key because neither the contractors nor the company personnel were involved in the development of the software. With custom software installation, you can rest assured that the design and development team responsible for creating the custom software in the first place will be extensively involved in software deployment and implementation.

There are a few best practices that come with custom software development that will ease the implementation process. Let’s dive into some of these best practices in more detail:

1. Configure the System

It is sometimes the case that the custom software you are looking to install does not currently match your business operations. Should this be the case, you need to employ the right team to help work through this challenge to ensure that the new software will integrate well into existing systems. Whether it is a custom feature or its integration with a particular software system, you will need to allocate enough time to perform adequate configurations to ensure that the installation is a success. In the event that your new custom software cannot be configured for the installation, it is important that measures are taken to configure the existing system instead, so that business value and efficiencies from the new software can be realized.

2. Follow Change Management Principles

For an installation to be successful, change management principles need to be taken into consideration and this is truer in case of custom software development and installation. Not only will you have to share your vision on why that software installation is needed for your organization, but you will also have to convince your organization of the expected end result that they can look forward to. This will go a long way in helping them accept and adjust to the new custom software installation.

3. Conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Post installation it is important to conduct User Acceptance testing to see whether the software is working as it was intended to. This form of testing in custom software development will also find bugs that can quickly be identified and dealt with. Moreover, you can even test a small portion of the data to verify whether the software is able to process all the required information correctly. Should the system you are working on be integrated with other software, you need to ensure that these systems are communicating effectively for the installation to be successful.

A custom software development company will look to implement solutions into your business so that you can realize efficiencies or receive business value to further your organization’s goals. For a custom software installation to be successful, a few best practices must be observed. For one, change management principles like sharing your vision must be followed. Secondly, User Acceptance Testing must be carried out to establish whether the new software that was installed is working like it was intended to. And lastly, configurations must be performed so that the new custom software will integrate well into existing systems.

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  1. The question of custom software itself is very serious if you want to take your productivity to a new level. I believe that only a good program that was created for narrow tasks can be very effective. Come immediately to mind different solutions about time tracking and billing operations. A good program and installing it correctly can save you a lot of time in the future

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