Some Useful Features of WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is the favorite WordPress plugin, made to transform WordPress into a competent e-commerce platform. The plugin contains many excellent features and capacities, but also, there are lots of things online vendors should know before launching a WooCommerce powered shop. WooCommerce is a superb alternative for companies and those who wish to start their very own online shop, whether constructing it from scratch or using their present WordPress site or website.

As companies have adopted using WordPress to their e-commerce websites, several have switched to WooCommerce to power their shopping carts. While WooCommerce will provide a very simple method to add email to WordPress, it is only one alternative. WooCommerce also provides a plugin for WordPress that will give your website the performance it requires, but with higher scalability and flexibility along with fewer added plugins.

Essential Things:

WooCommerce currently owns a remarkable 39 percent of all, but because the plugin is compact and durable, it may be somewhat hard to work out and economically utilize all its amazing capabilities. In this post, we have attempted to outline a few important things that you ought to know about WooCommerce.

Open Source & Plugins:

One of the primary attributes that created WooCommerce as popular as it’s a simple fact it is an open-source plugin. That makes it ideal for companies of nearly all sizes. There’s a massive assortment of plugins that may make your own life as a WooCommerce user much simpler determined by what you’re selling. That finally permits you to have complete insight and control over your shop. Since WooCommerce is a part of WordPress, it is supported by a community of tens of thousands of developers from across the globe, and there could be a solution for literally any functionality that needs to be added to the default feature of WooCommerce. For example, if you need to edit the fields in your WooCommerce checkout page, all you need is to install the WooCommerce checkout field editor free plugin, and it will help you to customize the checkout form fields according to your requirement. The premium version of Checkout field editor plugin WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor comes with even more advanced features like conditional checkout fields, conditional checkout sections, etc., wherein rules can be set upon various parameters.

Easy to Use WooCommerce:

WooCommerce will supply you with all the required qualities to turn your site into an excellent online shop. You do not require any extra licenses to put in your shop on any machine of your choice. By way of instance, you can select Dropshipping, a version where inventory is bought after a purchase is completed, and the product is directly sent to the consumer, avoiding the drop shipper.

What’s more, WooCommerce will permit you to sell anything you want from electronic to physical products. If you would like to get involved in Affiliate marketing, you’ll have the ability to come up with a site to market the products and services of different companies in exchange for a commission on sales. If you’re a content creator, then you can convert your site to a membership site, where you can hide specific content behind a paywall for associates, etc.


WooCommerce has its inbuilt analytics. It provides you with neat info and pie charts. It’s possible to get data on daily sales, individual customer numbers, average order totals, and much more. It’s not hard for you to know how your site is doing on a day to day basis. It’s possible to include Google analytics.

Adds Integration:

With the support of this feature, you’ll have the ability to target each website visitor with lively product advertisements in Facebook Newsfeed, in their email boxes, and other areas online. With added integration fresh email retargeting merchandise “Send Roll,” entrepreneurs can send triggered emails retargeting people who abandon shops without creating purchases. “The advertising integration is a user-friendly way for retailers to run retargeting and lively merchandise advertisements without the support of a programmer.

No Built-in Bulk Upload:

WooCommerce doesn’t incorporate a majority upload or upgrade attribute. This isn’t a major deal for retailers selling comparatively few products. But if you have hundreds or perhaps tens of thousands of products to include, manual merchandise entrance simply won’t function. For e-commerce retailers employing drop-shipping selling or services from a physical store, there’s not a built-in approach to automatically update stock levels.

Just about any online seller opting to utilize WooCommerce will want to buy a plugin or cover a programmer to write a plugin should they aspire to handle a large and shifting product catalog. This should not stop somebody from using WooCommerce; instead, it’s simply something that must be a part of this decision-making procedure.

WooCommerce Themes:

One benefit of utilizing WooCommerce is that you will find lots of Good-quality topics available that will normally signify an internet retail company that needs a couple of technical abilities versus other e-commerce platforms. But, there’s also a tendency in WordPress theming to include “WooCommerce Capability” without actually doing the things required to generate an e-commerce website successfully. Merchants, particularly tiny retailers, need to take care to select themes that are designed particularly for e-commerce.

Is it Safe to Use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce takes the lead one of eCommerce websites around Today, you are not only selling services and products, and you are promoting a safe shopping experience. Clients who do not trust you enough to enter their payment info will probably leave their cart and browse somewhere else. But, it’s very important to be aware that the vulnerabilities of all WooCommerce are patched quite quickly and at a higher speed than those of comparable closed source options.

That’s mainly because the firm Automatic, which possesses WooCommerce functions closely with the WP safety group of specialists, in addition to other safety specialists. The plugin is updated regularly, and it’s a simple and speedy one-click upgrade system, therefore getting a few bugs fixed is quite quick and simple. On the flip side, if you’re accepting payment via your site, you have to get an SSL certificate and be PCI compliant, also, to follow other helpful methods to guarantee the protection of your clients from the end.


WooCommerce is among the most persuasive e-commerce platforms accessible at present. However, like any bit of software, its flaws. These flaws shouldn’t prevent a retailer from picking and utilizing WooCommerce. Many customers find that WooCommerce’s search widget is currently lacking since it’s developed to yield results for goods only.

Some discover that the absence of a bulk-upload attribute is too dull for them to manage, and they just don’t wish to be meticulous when incorporating their merchandise. As persuasive as WooCommerce might be, it has its flaws just as with any other software. Nonetheless, in this circumstance, the good thing about the poor so much it makes it appear almost insignificant.

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