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There are some opinions that Domains don’t affect SEO. However, this is a misunderstanding because as you have already known Google has more than 200 ranking factors including domain element. Therefore, choosing an SEO friendly domain name is necessary and is not a meaningless job. The last topic was focused on “How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting“, then let’s move to this week’s task to choose a domain name for SEO.

Choosing a Domain name for SEO

1. Memorable Domain Name

memorable SEO friendly domain name

Please make sure that your domain name is unique and easy to remember. It is supposed that your domain name was informed to a potential customer at a conference. Will he or she be able to exactly remember it in a few days? That can happen if your domain name is unforgettable. The domain name is considered to be memorable by following criteria:

  • Brief, simple, easy to write, easy to read, easy to remember.
  • General reflecting about a topic that you’re doing.
  • Unique, separate and available.
  • Don’t contain numbers and hyphens.
  • Legally protect.

Here are three ways to choose memorable domain names:

  • Descriptive words:  to make the domain name related to your site’s content. The first thing you need to do is describe the topic and tell customers what your site is talking about. And think of what do you want to provide to users. Then write topical keywords and find synonyms, antonyms, related to that topical keywords. Finally to put the words right back together.
  • Brand name: The second method is to create your own brand name which is easier to remember than the keyword description because of being unique. To create something unique, try methods such as word mixture, blending and truncation; affixes addition; foreign words used… However, if you prefer this second way, more advertisement about your services is necessary.
  • You can also build a name for yourself. However, this type often is used by bloggers.

2. Your Keyword

Domain names with all keywords contained express unprofessional and crude. According to a survey done in 2013, using keywords in the domain name accounted for 6.98% / all Google ranking factors. Now, this figure is declining and becoming a myth. However, if your domain name has natural keywords then it still is appreciated. Below I will introduce the different types of keyword rich domain names:

  • EMDs (Exact Match Domains): It includes all keywords which you want to rank your site. It is representative of the best SEO, however, branding is not included.
  • PMDs (Partial Match Domains): Just include some keywords that you want to rank. It still has the benefit of SEO and no brand name in the domain.
  • No Domain matching: It doesn’t include keywords. It has little direct SEO benefit but brings long-term SEO benefits.

And Google still recommends you should build by brand.

3.  Domain Extension

Domain extension
Domain extension

When buying a domain name, you need to care about Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). These gTLD doesn’t target specific countries and it will be more known. So it will help you compete and spread your brand. In this case, the following Generic Top Level Domains should be used (Google recommends):

  • .aero (for aerospace-related fields).
  • .biz (for business websites).
  • .cat (use to highlight the Catalan language and culture).
  • .com (the most popular).
  • .COOP (use of cooperatives).
  • .edu (for education organizations).
  • .gov (for Government organizations).
  • .info (for providing information websites).
  • .int (use for international organizations).
  • .jobs (for employment-related sites).
  • .mil (for military).
  • .mobi (for websites related to mobile services).
  • .museum (for museums).
  • .name (only used for the personal name).
  • .net (for network).
  • .org (for organizations).
  • .pro (for organizations and individuals active in the field of highly specialized).
  • .tel (use in the field of online telephone directories).
  • .travel (use in the travel industry).

Besides, if you just want to compete in a single country, you can use domain extension for specific countries such as: .us, .au, .br, .ca, .cc, .ck, .etc. It helps Google understand that your goal is to high rank in Google of that country.

4. Hyphens

You should not use hyphens in your domain. Because spam websites generally use domain names with hyphens contained. Then, try to avoid it and do not make Google misunderstand your website as spam.

5. Trademarked Domains

If your website using “WordPress”, you should not register trademarks for a domain because it is forbidden.

6. Domain Registrations Length

According To Matt Cutts from Google:

To the best of my knowledge, no search engine has ever confirmed that they use length of registration as a factor in scoring….

Final Thoughts

I hope that things have been mentioned above will help you choose an SEO-friendly domain name. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. And then wait to see other incoming posts from this WordPress SEO tutorial series.

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