Overlooked Elements That Will Help You Sell More Products

How to sell products online

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to start their own business. It may be because they are tired of having to answer to a boss, or perhaps they have grown weary of the daily commute. It could be because they want to be able to work around their kid’s school schedules. Whatever the reason, one thing that budding entrepreneurs have in common is that they all want to make money from their business ventures. If you have always imagined starting your own eCommerce business, now is a great time to get into the market. This year, it is predicted that eCommerce sales will reach $249 billion, according to a recent study performed by Forester.

When it comes to knowing how to sell products online, there are a few key elements that you need to make sure you include on your product pages if you want to increase your conversion rates and bring in more revenue. The product page is the point at which your potential customers are deciding whether they want to purchase products from you or from your competition. Your site’s product pages are where the eCommerce sale officially begins. The following key elements, if overlooked, can ultimately kill your site’s conversion rate, leaving your dream of running a successful eCommerce store circling the drain.

Product Reviews and Ratings


When it comes to the products that you sell, allowing customers to post reviews and ratings about the items they have purchased from you can greatly improve your conversion rates. Incorporating reviews and ratings into your product pages is a way to complement and reinforce the positive influence on your customers for your products. Adding reviews and ratings can boost your conversion rate by more than 20 percent. Consider letting customers post pictures with their reviews to add a touch of professionalization to the pages.

Add Multiple Product Angles


Selling products online can be a bit tricky. Unlike with brick and mortar stores, customers are not able to physically touch, feel or hold your products, making the need for high-quality images on your product pages essential. Simply adding a nice big image to the page is no longer enough. Consumers want to see more. They want to be able to look at the product from different angles and be able to zoom into the product to be able to see any detailing that the product may contain.

Product Descriptions


Product Description

One of the biggest mistakes that eCommerce site owners can make is to simply list the features of the product and call it good. This forces the customer to do the all work of figuring out what the actual benefits of the product are, and will most likely result in you losing the sale. Giving a detailed description on the true benefits of your product will help the customer see why they should not only buy the product, but why they should buy it from you. A well-written blurb of copy can help make a product stand out as well as entertain your visitors. Your product descriptions, if done right, will give enough information to your potential customers that can convince themselves it is the right product for them.

Page Loading Speed


Page speed a more important factor

When you are designing your product pages, it is important to keep in mind the time it will take for each page to load for the consumer. In less than three seconds, a user will already have made up their mind about your website. If you’ve added a lot of large images, rich interactivity, or other media to your product pages, this can adversely affect the amount of time it takes for your page to load. Page load times are often a determining factor as to whether the user will purchase from you or leave your site and head to your competitor.

The Checkout Process


The checkout process is the final step that your users will have to take in order to have the items they want to purchase sent on their merry way. A long and convoluted process is a quick way to kill your conversion rate. If the customer has made the decision to purchase from your site, you want to make the checkout process as quick and efficient as possible. Don’t require them to register for an account if they have never bought from you before. Keep the checkout screen to one page, and don’t distract them with items that will lead them away from the final place order button. Let them finish their purchase and then you can give them the opportunity to explore the rest of your site.

Getting the design of your product pages just right can take some time. You may have to do some experimentation with your design before you hit the mark. Just make sure that the elements discussed here are present on your product pages and you should start seeing an increase in your conversion rates and a boost in your site’s revenues.

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