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It is known that social networks are a great opportunity for business development. Instagram’s functionality allows you to blog, sell products, and provide services to users. But what to do for companies that are focused on working not with the end-user, but with business representatives.

Most often, B2B companies start accounts on social networks because it is fashionable. The phrase “there is everything” is not enough to find customers and build a loyal audience. Not knowing how to properly make an Instagram promotion on account, companies lose the opportunity to make a profit. Get Instagram likes, mass following, targeting, mutual posting – these and other methods allow you to promote content and stimulate the audience to action.


  • Why does the manufacturer need Instagram
  • Promotion
  • Clientele
  • Content
  • Methods of promotion in Instagram
  • Conclusion

Why does the manufacturer need Instagram

Today, maintaining a corporate account in the network is an essential tool for the marketing promotion of an enterprise. And not just because it’s fashionable. Social networking is a useful tool used for promoting products online, maintaining a corporate culture of communication with the audience, and increase the level of trust.

The choice in favor of Instagram is obvious:

  • this social network alone has more than 1 billion active accounts worldwide,
  • only here is the maximum monthly increase in the live audience,
  • you can link your account to a Facebook page,
  • users of the network differ inactivity, in contrast to the same Vkontakte,
  • the main age category is 30+.

IG is the fastest growing network in the world, and the hype has not stopped for several years.


The B2B segment automates workflows as much as possible. The modern client is very demanding. He needs:

  • Laundry service;
  • simple interface;
  • multiple payment methods;
  • reminder system.

No one wants to conduct long correspondence, communicate on the phone, and negotiate terms for several hours. To buy a product, you just need to click the mouse.

No more searching for a client. They find what they need. But for this to happen, the company must create the maximum number of places where the target audience will see it. Instagram is the best place to do this.


The target audience of b2b companies is firms that use similar services. For example, accounting software is required for almost every company, including advertising companies. Similarly, the SOFTWARE sales company periodically needs to print forms, leaflets, Souvenirs, and other advertising materials.

Thus, to find a potential client, you need profiles of companies or their managers. It is quite easy to find them: commercial accounts or pages with interests in the business environment.


In the b2b segment, direct calls to buy will not work. The company must generate useful, informative, and entertaining content for customers.

Verified: users do not respond to ads head-on. Veiled calls are perceived as more loyally.

You need to submit material in different styles. Try photos, videos, and animations. Use maximum network capabilities.

Methods of promotion in Instagram

It is quite difficult to promote new accounts. When deciding on a subscription, the audience is guided by the content, the number of followers, and their activity. If you do not know how to get more followers on Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers today through special services. In just a few days, your account will be filled with live users, which will allow you to attract customers.

To increase your activity, you can use the likes cheat. Stability and high interest encourage people to follow. And what other methods should be used for promotion?

  1. Mass following

Mass subscription to an audience of competitors or users who fit certain characteristics is a quick and cheap way to attract users.

If you follow the limits and act consistently, the result will be visible in the first month. If the account is less than two weeks, the mass following cannot be used. After that, it is recommended to take no more than one hundred subscriptions in 24 hours in the first month.

  1. Distributions

On Instagram, you can set up automatic SMS sending to direct to people who have interacted with your account in one way or another. Write a letter with a brief description of the company, your opportunities, advantages, and a specific offer. And of course, don’t forget the call to action.

  1. Bloggers

Collaborate with bloggers who interact with your target audience and are not among your competitors. Conduct joint contests and live broadcasts, mutual posting, and place direct advertising.

You can work with opinion leaders on a barter basis or for a fee. Try to make them brand advocates.

Pay attention to accounts with 5-10 thousand followers. They have a live audience with less diffuse interests than those bloggers with millions of people.


Automatic stories views also help attract an audience. Very often, followers pay attention to profiles that systematically view all their stories. Data is displayed daily in statistics.

The advantage of this method is that Instagram almost never blocks for such actions.

  1. Targeted advertising

This method is the most expensive, but with proper configuration can bring warm customers who are ready to make a deal now. An ad can only be placed in profiles that are connected to a business page on Facebook.

  • Ads are configured in many ways:
  • geolocation,
  • the portrait of the audience,
  • hobby,
  • preferences in food, rest,
  • professions, etc.

The more specific the audience is chosen, the higher the result.


B2B companies on Instagram can find their customers in different ways. The secret of success is quite simple: creating a promotion strategy, determining the user audience, generating exciting content, and using a variety of promotion methods, including Instagram markups.

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