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Easy-to-Employ eCommerce Design Trends

With the eCommerce industry totally exploding in comparison to brick-and-mortar retailing, it’s starting an online store that makes a lot of sense. With this comes a lot of responsibility. You’ll need to learn marketing skills, branding skills, writing and customer service skills—the list goes on and on. One thing you should definitely focus on honing […]

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The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist

In today’s digital world, every small business and self-employed individual needs a premium-quality website to establish an online presence and showcase their professional side.  Although there is no dearth of online tools and resources that can help you with every aspect of website building including marketing, designing, branding, etc. you need to know exactly the […]

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Instagram usage for WordPress Powered websites

With Instagram you can share your photos with friends and family and  It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos  from your mobile. If you are running a Blog or WordPress powered website, then there are  Plugins, WP Themes and Apps related to Instagram you can use  to get more visitors and followers. You can promote their profiles on websites, as well […]

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Best HTML5 Video & Audio Players and Tutorials for Video Blog (Vlogs)

There are a lot of WordPress Plugins build on HTML5 for video blogging and HTML5 based Plugins rapidly growing to represent videos online. Especially with the advancement of mobile technology like iPad, which don’t support Flash player, they can play videos with these HTML5 video and audio players. If the user has a non-compatible HTML5 browser, again these […]