3 Top WordPress Gamification Plugins for Building Customer Engagement

WordPress Gamification
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Assuming you understood the advantages of having your own eLearning site from our previous post, I will now introduce some of the best WordPress gamification plugins to assist you in building a successful eLearning platform. Gamification is an effective method to increase customer engagement, encourage users, and enhance site interaction. Essentially, gamification incorporates game elements such as points, levels, and achievements into non-gaming services. Many renowned sites, including StackOverflow with their reputation points and badge system, Codecademy with badges for completed skills, and Duolingo, have successfully implemented gamification into their services.

Which WordPress plugin do you prefer for gamification? Here are three plugins that are user-friendly yet powerful and adaptable for creating your own customer-attracting gamification system. Let’s take a look!

1. myCRED – WordPress Gamification Plugin

myCRED - WordPress Gamification Plugin
myCRED – WordPress Gamification Plugin

The first candidate of the list is myCRED which is a free tool to manage the point system for your WordPress. myCRED gamification WordPress plugin allows you to create a hook and add a point for users in every activity.

myCRED WordPress Gamification

Besides that, your own hooks can be created for custom activities. So, with every specific activity in the service system, you can give users point for completing. Furthermore, myCRED also offers a bunch of add-ons to activate if it is necessary to power up your site. There are a lot of very useful add-on like badges and statistic. Why don’t you give myCRED WordPress gamification plugin a try and see how fantastic it is. For Learning Management System plugin supporting myCRED as an achievement system, please find LearnPress – a newcomer of WordPress LMS plugin but gained a lot of positive feedbacks and had the biggest amount of active installation.

myCRED WordPress Gamification

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2. BadgeOS

BadgeOS Gamification WordPress Plugin
BadgeOS Gamification WordPress Plugin

The second guy I want to mention here is badgeOS – a very popular achievement operating system which is supported by many other services and also famous LMS WordPress plugins like Sensei and LearnDash. BadgeOS allow you to define everything necessary in a gamification system from badges, achievement types to submission and nominations. BadgeOS gamification plugin also gives you the option to integrate the system with Credly which makes your badges, achievement not just for fun but with real value.

BadgeOS WordPress Gamification

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3. CaptainUp

CaptainUp WordPress Gamification

Lastly, CaptainUp is a free tool that supports not only WordPress websites but also Shopify and any other website on the Internet. It connects your website to a free CaptainUp account where you can create badges, achievements, and define how to obtain them. The CaptainUp WP plugin offers a comprehensive gamification solution that can be used with the default settings.

CaptainUp WordPress Gamification

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Although gamification is currently applied in some websites, its effectiveness in building user engagement, loyalty, and interaction cannot be denied. Working on the website becomes more enjoyable with gamification as users can be entertained and find value. If gamification is not yet available on your site, consider taking the time to add this wonderful feature and experience its positive effects immediately. If you use WordPress as your platform, give the three WordPress gamification plugins mentioned above a try for a completely new experience.

  1. Nice article, been using BadgeOS, but somehow the acheivement link just dissapeared from my buddypress profile, all i did to find or make the link appear didnt work out so i had to delete the plugin…. maybe i will try captain up

  2. myCred is undeniably one of the top gamification WordPress plugins, offering extensive features and seamless integration for an engaging user experience

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